Anyone planning their own home usually has very personal ideas about the layout of the room. After all, the new house should adapt perfectly to your own needs. Each family has different priorities and daily routines. The internal organization must be based on this.

You need to think carefully about your own priorities and then seek in-depth advice from an architect so that he can incorporate special requests into the layout of the room at an early stage. Here are some critical points of the floor plan that should be given special attention. With Foyr Neo, the best deals for floor planning should be there.

Entrance area

The entrance area of ​​a house says a lot about the inhabitants and is often underestimated. It shows whether the house should appear more representative and therefore has a spacious hall, or whether as a guest you are in the middle of family life. An entrance area can protect private rooms or open up to all areas of the house. Some people prefer to plan the entrance so that they stand right in the middle of the kitchen.

In many houses, the stairs are also placed in a spacious hall. The room is, therefore, an important "circulation route" in the house. In other homes, the entrance area is relatively small and mainly acts as a cloakroom. It is also essential to consider whether direct access to the garage should be provided here or whether it is outside the house and should only be accessible from the outside. Choosing the floor plan creator is the best choice there.

Kitchen and living room

A few decades ago, large dining kitchens were the norm. This is where the family gathered, and the kitchen was the center of all events and, at the same time, the room in which we spent most of the day. The show, formerly known as the 'salon,' was only open on Sundays or when visitors were expected.

However, in the 1960s, the kitchen got smaller and smaller, and the living room became the center of attention. By the time the television arrived at the latest, the living room had finally triumphed over the kitchen as the center of the house. This trend has long since changed, and the kitchen is once again receiving a lot more attention. Many families see the kitchen again as the center of family life, and living rooms are being transformed into television or reading rooms, where only a few hours are spent in the evening.

Children of their own kingdom?

Another important decision is whether the children's rooms will have a separate space or whether they will be integrated into the living room. There are many possible solutions here. If the kids are a bit older, it makes sense to give them more privacy. A private bathroom is also recommended in this case.

In the case of smaller children, however, easier follow-up is desirable. The children's or playrooms are ideally visible from the living space for small children. It is also possible to design the children's rest and play areas separately.

Bedroom and bathroom

There are also different designs for bedrooms and bathrooms. Should the bathroom be accessible from the bedroom, or should it be from the hallway? Is there a separate room for clothes (dressing room) or do you need extra space for the wardrobe in the bedroom?

A separation of the sleeping area from the living area can also be helpful. You can thus create separate zones within a house. For others, however, opening a home is very important.

Everything in the basement?

Some houses have storage rooms and technology on the subfloor. Other homes have additional usable rooms here, such as recreation rooms, ironing rooms, or similar uses. A decision about the use of the basement has an impact on the lighting planning and the layout of the rooms. Insulating the rooms in the basement is also not absolutely necessary in all cases.

Therefore, it is essential to determine at an early stage whether you need a basement and, if so, how it should be used. If you are only using the basement for construction services, a partial basement may be sufficient for your space needs.

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