There’re many beautiful artwork that comes from ancient time that we can discover throughout the world. One of them is Batik. This is the beautiful painting methods on fabric that comes from Indonesia. Nowadays, you can discover this techniques used on many type modern trendy clothes. But, the usage of Batik isn’t limited on the scarf or fabric as the main material to make clothing. But, Batik clothing also used as the accent to modern clothes. It can become a very interesting point of view of clothes or Batik also can give traditional, natural and even elegant touch on clothes. In Indonesia, where Batik comes from, there’re many type that you can find. But, you might only know this art from Java. Actually, other area like Bali and Sumatra has its own Batik pattern. It’s not so surprising. As we all know, in Indonesia there’re more than hundred different tribes and culture.

The Batik from Bali has great influence from Java Batik. Although Bali is known with its great sculpture artwork, the art painting also becomes the most important cultures in this island. It uses same wax like Java Batik to make clothes. But, there’s one different wax that used in Batik Bali. It’s called, ikat or tie dye. The Batik Bali with using this wax has bright and vibrant color. There’s also gradation on the pattern. It’s simple, but, very beautiful. In Sumatra, there’re many kinds of Batik. There’s Jambi Batik. This pattern has similar style with Batik that you can find in Malaysia. There’s also Minangkabau Batik. It’s unique technique, where the artist uses clay for painting batik pattern. The pattern that uses in this style typically is animal and plants. In Java itself, there’re also many kinds of Batik style you can discover. But, all of them can be categorized into two groups. The first group is Priangan or Sundanese Batik. It’s the batik design that can be found on the western part of Java Island. The majority of batik pattern that used in this style is swirling plant and animal, especially peacock and butterfly. They’re visualized this batik pattern style with natural style. So, you really can find picture of animal or plant on the fabric. The other group is Java Batik. Mostly it can be found in Eastern part of Java Island. There’re many pattern style in this group, such as Kraton style, which only wear by royal family, Java Hokokai, which is pakaian batik that has great influence from Chinese and Japan, and many more.

However, if we want to count how much batik style in Indonesia, it will need many time. As we all know, batik industry in Indonesia is starting to move. There’re many new batik clothes, like kaos batik, and also new batik pattern that created by fashion designer from Indonesia.

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