Shoes are one of the most important elements in a person’s wardrobe. They round off your outfit, sure, but they also highlight your legs, accentuate your best features and can often be the most talked about part of your outfit. But they’re also highly practical, preventing your feet from the damage of daily life. While shoes are of utmost importance to both your body’s functionality and the stylishness of your outfit, many women are uncomfortable spending lots of money on their shoes. Furthermore, they often buy shoes that are incredibly uncomfortable, shoes that lead to blisters, corns and worse. Beautifeel shoes are different – the company was founded on the premise that women deserve more than just an inefficient piece of plastic when they put on their shoes in the morning. In fact, they deserve the kind of footwear that they’ll actually be comfortable in – the kind of footwear that marries form and function, comfort and beauty, health and esthetics.

Beautifeel shoes are made from high quality calf leathers and nubucks, and all of the shoes are produced by highly ranked tanning factories in Italy. As you may know, the more refined calf leather is, the softer it will be, and therefore, the more durable it will be (and more comfortable too!). The soles of Beautifeel shoes are made from latex, which is an all-natural material known for its flexibility and durability. The inclusion of latex in Beautifeel shoes means that the soles absorb any shock to the spine, which leads to healthy feet that are comfortable no matter how long they’re in use. Lastly, Beautifeel shoes all include the company’s signature leather insoles, which are hand-made. Much like latex, these insoles support your foot while also absorbing shock, adding an extra bit of comfort to even high-heeled shoes. Ready to find your perfect pair?

If you’re looking for a comfortable ballet-like flat shoe to wear on a daily basis, consider a black leather ballet style. This shoe comes with a small bow on the toe and the body of the shoe is done in crinkled suede that adds a bit of visual interest to any outfit. This shoe features a full heel to toe patented foam footbed, which is anatomically contoured to help stabilize the arch while reducing shock. Many people think that flat shoes can never be supportive, so avoid them in favor of less fashionable shoes. However, with Beautifeel shoes, you can wear flats that are both fashionable and functional. With uppers constructed of high quality calfskin leathers that are highly durable, these shoes are about as comfortable as it gets. These shoes boast full memory properties in their material, so even if you wear them every day, they won’t lose their shape.

Another great work style is a black and white Mary Jane shoe with a slight peep toe. These shoes have a small heel and are perfect with dresses and a pair of tights. They have a slightly vintage feel to them, which only makes them all the more fun. Like all the other shoes from Beautifeel, these shoes offer a full heel to toe patented foam footbed, which helps to stabilize your arch and reduce shock, so even though there is a slight heel on the shoe, they’ll still be incredibly comfortable. This comfort is also thanks to the leather insoles, for which the company is famous – they act as shock absorbers, so even as you are walking down a tile hallway in your heels, you’ll be comfortable. These shoes also have a cute rhinestone buckle for a bit of added jazz.

If boots are more your style, or if you’re looking for something to wear when the weather gets a bit colder, consider a pair of black suede boots with a bit of black patent leather. With a latex rubber outsole, these boots are shock absorbant and flexible, and extremely comfortable thanks to the cushioned leather lined footbed. They have a slight two-inch heel to give you a small boost, but they’re still easy to walk in.

As you can see, it’s not as hard as it used to be to find shoes that both fashionable and functional! There aren’t many shoes on the market that can do both, but Beautifeel shoes definitely can! Thanks to their patented technology and luxurious touches, these great Italian-made shoes are the ultimate in comfortable, functional luxury. What are you waiting for?

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Tony Travis is a freelance writer who writes about a variety of topics and brands such as Beautifeel Shoes.