A funny thing seems to happen around this time of year; I've seen it again and again. At a time when we all should be enjoying beaches and barbeques, sunshine and surf, many people's moods seem to turn a bit blue. The summer romance hasn't panned out the way you thought it would, friends are all busy doing their own thing, the kids are a handful, and soon September will roll around and what has changed from last year? These are the words I hear echoed from clients everywhere. In short, the visions of sweet summer bliss, haven't turned out to be quite so sweet, and sighs of disappointment slip in to fill the long hot days. So what do you do to shake the feeling, pick up your mood and get back into the groovy summer swing of things?

1. Give it Some Gratitude This is a simple sure fire way to shift your mood. Take a few minutes and make a list of everything you are grateful for in your life. And they don't have to be big things. I'm constantly grateful a super comfortable bed to sleep in, my closest friends, an abundance of healthy food to eat, a healthy vibrant body, living near the mountains and ocean, shelves full of great books, the wonderful internet, and the list goes on. Take time to appreciate the pleasures and gifts in your life that so many on this planet will never know. It's a great way to gain a fresh perspective.

2. Pile on the Praise When was the last time you really patted yourself on the back for a job well done? And how much time do you spend a day, or a week berating yourself for what you haven't done. At the top of a blank piece of paper write "Today I'm really proud of myself for…. " and then list as many things as you can think of. Again, maybe it's just getting into the gym when you really didn't feel like it or knocking off a few "to do's". Whatever it is, take some time to acknowledge all that you already do. It will give you the fuel you need to go out and do more!

3. Don't Stop the Good Stuff So often when our mood starts to drop we give it a big helping hand but stopping doing everything that keeps us feeling so great! What are the things that really keep you going? Eating regular meals? Exercise? Spending time with friends? Reading? Meditating? Drinking lots of water? We all have a few "little things" that when we do them daily keep us in peak running shape. Make sure you stick with yours during tough or down days.

4. Knock off the Bad Stuff Just as there are good things that we do that help us maintain our great days, there other things that can take any day and make it slowly head south. Here are a few no-way's for me: drinking coffee, eating sweets, trying to get too much done, not getting enough sleep, responding to someone who is feeling argumentative or displaying bad behaviour, working away and secluding myself from the world. Be aware of what things are often the components of your bad days and resolve to stay away from them – at least for now.

5. Live in the Moment and Look to the Future Yes, September is looming around the corner, and life will take on a new energy with the challenges it brings. So make the most of these glorious days of summer by getting out and enjoying what you can while you can, but take a little time to plan for the fall season ahead. How would you like your life to be different by the end of this year? What do you need to clean up or move forward on? Is there anything you can do now to start the ball rolling and take on the fall season with a powerful start?

Reading something and knowing it is not the same as applying it. Give yourself 10 or 15 minutes to complete the exercises above. It's guaranteed to shift your mood and brighten your day. If you're having a bad day it can become brighter and a good day glorious!

Until next time, take good care of you, your health, your happiness and your life!

Author's Bio: 

Hunter Phoenix is a Certified Professional Coach who loves what she does! Hunter specializes in working with dynamic individuals to create more balance, fun and joy in their lives. With over 15 years experience, Hunter received the majority of her coaching training at The Ford Institute for Integrative Coaching at JFK University in Berkeley, California.

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