The number of people accessing the Internet, from desktop computers or mobile devices, has risen considerably over the past years. Individuals spend an increasing amount of time online, watching YouTube videos, doing research, or shopping. The fact that people spend more and more time on the Internet isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The World Wide Web can offer solutions to any kind of problem. There is no question that can’t be answered with the help of the Internet. Additionally, spending more time online can offer cognitive, social, emotional, and motivational benefits. However, too much is too much. Excessive usage can lead to addiction.

Texting, social media, and emailing have gained in importance. The vast majority of people don’t have a problem unplugging from technology. Others, on the other hand, can’t step away from the Internet for too long. But why? After all, the Internet isn’t a mind-altering substance. Maybe not, but it offers instant gratification, so you are tempted to spend more and more time online. More often than not, you don’t even realise there is a problem. You slowly but surely develop an emotional attachment to the Web-based activities. You enjoy every minute of the time spend online socializing and sharing ideas. Is it difficult for you to get away from the computer? If the answer is yes, take action right away. This is what you need to do to beat Internet addiction.  

Limit computer and smartphone use

No matter how much you like spending time in front of the screen, you need to disconnect from technology. Make an effort to change and set some boundaries. A huge part of your day requires you to look at a computer or smartphone screen. This is true, you can’t live without technology in the modern world. Yes, but that doesn’t mean that you should exaggerate the time spend on your devices. Don’t spend more than 4 hours a day surfing the Internet. Set a time limit and in hours or minutes and don’t make up excuses. Consider getting your family involved. They will hold you accountable and make sure you respect the limits for the time spent online.

Admit to having a problem

Spending too much time with online media isn’t a good idea. You’re missing on real-life experiences. There is no denying the fact that the Internet offers positive benefits. It’s the best source of information that is available to us. Nevertheless, you can have too much of a good thing. Make sure you don’t miss on the incredible things in life. Admit to having a problem and seek help. You should see a counsellor. A counsellor plays a key role in addiction recovery, assisting you with making big changes. You can talk about any issue that is currently bothering you, whether it’s chat rooms or not being able to resist the temptation of looking up information constantly. Take the time to understand the role of the counsellor in addiction recovery. You’ll discover that counsellors are the only ones who can provide necessary support for individuals recovering from Internet addiction. assistance is provided through a series of one-on-one sessions. Find accountability and seek therapy. With time, you’ll overcome your compulsive behaviour.

Don’t use your computer or smartphone for recreational purposes

Are you in the habit of playing computer games for recreation? An apparently innocent recreation can transform into a problem. Don’t spend all of your free time in front of the screen. It’s necessary to eliminate the feel-good incentive to use the gadgets. Focus on other things. Become an active volunteer or pick up a hobby. Anything that gets you out of the house is okay. Take a break from Facebook and social media sites. Try going an hour without the Internet. You’ll face some resistance in the beginning. However, you’ll be able to go through this uncomfortable period. Spend your free time exercising, reading, or networking. Don’t ignore the power of talking to people face-to-face.

Find other ways to manage stress

Many people turn to the Internet to voice their concerns or frustrations. When they feel upset, they post on their social media accounts and let the world know what they think. What about you? Do you use the Internet as a way to manage stress? You need to come up with other solutions.  If you don’t like indulging in physical activity, try meditation. 20 minutes a day are enough. This relatively simple technique will help you achieve a state of blissful relaxation. Better yet, get some sleep. Lack of sleep causes you to be more irritable. The point is that you shouldn’t rely on the World Wide Web when it comes to managing your negative emotions.

The bottom line is that you need to disconnect to connect. If you want to live a balanced, more purposeful life, spend less time in front of the computer or checking your smartphone. It’s not hard to quit. You just have to make an effort. Use the Internet only when necessary. The Internet isn’t bad. The problem is your excessive usage.

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Cynthia Madison