Beat Stress With Your Nose

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New scientific research shows that when we are under Stress-Overload,
more than 100 genes push our body and mind into overdrive. So what?

That weakens our immune system, and makes a lousy situation even worse.

The Meaning of Stress

When you suffer from stress-overload, your entire body and mind
go into Fight-or-Flight reaction. If you are in a dangerous situation like
being mugged or avoiding a car crash on the highway, your body’s
reaction to stress is preparation to survive the emergency – a good thing.


Most of the stress (90%) we experience is not reality-based based on our
lifestyle, it is based on anxiety and panic, and how we react to life’s annoyances.
You are not entitled to go crazy because you are sitting in traffic for two-hours,
or your boss is a perfectionist freak and making your life miserable.

What Happens

When you stress-out - your hypothalamus signals your adrenal glands to
produce the powerful hormones adrenaline and cortisol, and release them
into the bloodstream. Why? Produce more oxygen and glucose for energy.

The result is to speed up your heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure,
and metabolism to ready you for fight-or-flight. In other words, your mind
and body are not in your normal operating system (homeostasis). Some
doctors say stress-overload takes us 51% out-of-our-mind - makes you crazy.


The purpose for all these changes in your mind and body are for your
survival, but we no longer live on the savannah with attacking predatory animals
who want to eat us for dinner. Today we get stressed-out because of
losing a promotion, failing to get into the college of our choice, or a bad relationship.

It is common today to send our body and mind into Stress-Overload because
we get caught in traffic and cannot get to our next appointment. A fight with
our significant other or losing our job thrusts many of us into Fight-or-Flight,
as if our lives are at stake.

We must avoid Stress-Overload thinking when we suffer minor stuff, and most of life consists of annoying, but minor incidents and people. Stop overreacting


There is Stress-Overload, Eustress – excitement that motivates us, and the daily
stresses of life. When we have to give a presentation at work, take the SATs to
get into college, or go on a blind-date, we suffer ordinary stress. Our heart beats
faster and we getting excited – for a while. Than we settle down.

Eustress means a good form of stress that pumps us up to do our best. Remember,
we experience mild stress from every personal encounter with family, friends, and
business associates. We have adapted our personality and body to handle it without
reverting to Fight-or-Flight.

Stress-overload is common during a divorce, losing a job, or dropping-out of
college. How long it lasts is a very provate thing, based on our personality
and having strategies to release excessive stress.

Strategies to Overcome Stress

When you think every rejection, failure or snack in the face is the end of your
world, you teaching your body and mind to react with Fight-or-Flight. You can
decide to control your impulsiveness, and need for immediate gratification, with
patience and relaxation.

There are no failures, just feedback information to make you better the next time.

Diaphragmatic breathing and meditation are strategies to overcome Stress-Overload. Ten-minutes of daily deep relaxation exercises act as a Cognitive-Reserve to overcome Stress-Overload. Your goal should be to control how long stress lasts.


Can you believe that a minute or two of smelling a particular scent can change your
blood chemistry and alter your gene activity, to avoid Stress-Overload?

Japanese scientists released their research on 7.23.09, published by the American
Chemistry Society journal. The scent of Lemon, Lavender, and Mango reaches directly to the brain for deep relaxation and release of stress.

Fragrants (scents) affect neutrophils (white blood cells) and lymphocytes (immune system) in the bloodstream, to under-react to Stress-Overload, said Dr. A. Nakamura.

These odors fight inflammation, induce sleep, reduce depression, and improve mood
and state-of-mind. Ask us how.


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