In this world of smartphone, it has been found that customers spend more than 64% of their time on mobile applications. They prefer to do their price research on mobile itself. Therefore, in order to beat rivals it is very essential for a company to have responsive and intelligently designed mobile application for their product and services. This is because according to a study, 62% of customers are likely to visit your competitor’s site when your site is user-unfriendly. Joomla, in this scenario, is emerging platform for providing website development solution.

Nowadays more than 45% of online business enterprises are investing heavily in getting their mobile apps developed form trusted Joomla web development company for mobile-based visitors. Joomla will help online business to cope up among other competitors by keeping your website available on mobile with standardized look regardless of any operating system. It will provide assistance for facing various challenges of mobile-internet field. Here are some tips you should follow to in order to compete with your competitors.

Why Joomla Mobile Website Development is Necessary- Three creative tips

1.Use Sub-Domain to Enhance Loading Speed
This is very popular fact in order to lure mobile internet customer to your website. You can easily make use of the separate URL to cater mobile online customers. Various leading brands from Facebook to Google are using different domain with initial ‘m’ for like, in order to have faster and immediate excess to that content.

Joomla assist you with simple components that you have to install, and the result is you get responsive and attractive mobile version of your website. It will increase your website’s loading speed by 200 to 500%. It has been found that an average person waits for loading, for say about, 4 seconds to download their content on their device. Hence, sub-domain is essential.

2.Mobile Joomla
This is the best way to mobilize your Joomla website if used with responsive templates. Mobile Joomla automatically optimizes your images and java scripts to provide ease of loading content of the website. With ease to toggle from the desktop version to the mobile version, it helps mobile online users to browse Joomla sites in a hassle free way.

Joomla platform is widely utilized and have well renowned names in its pockets like MTV channel, Jaguar, Eiffel Tower, Heathrow Airport and many more. They all are bestowed with Joomla for managing their own personalized requirements for mobile as well as the desktop platform.

Joomla, along with three creative assistances, provide a powerful tool called Joooid. This is the free tool for creating mobile app for your Joomla website. Creating spot content, images and videos for Apple, Android, windows and BlackBerry was never so easy! Further you can also Geo-tag the articles, embed maps with your current location.

There are more than 77% of online business merchants, who do not have a mobile optimized website. Hence, Joomla has a lot to give you for your mobile as well as desktop website development. Along with this, it also provides you with innovative, responsive and creative mobile app for different platforms. However, if you already have Joomla or are thinking of developing Joomla website, you can hire Joomla website developers from a reputed company.

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