The world seeming to be shrinking. Families and friends to be ever more dispersed. People travel further afield than ever before and it's important to stay in touch. Everyone needs to hear a friendly voice now and again no matter where in the world they are.

This brave new world needs international calls like never before, but try telling that to the main telecoms operators. Their standard call charges are still sky high. It's nothing short of a rip off. However, the good news for consumers is that it's not hard to get a better deal.

Thankfully the market in international calls has been opened up and there's a whole host of providers only too willing to step in and bring down prices. Some people wrongly assume that making cheap international calls is a real hassle. They have to sign up for a new account or switch providers. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Take Planet Calling for example. All customers have to do in order to start making cheap international calls is buy some credit in the form of a pin code. They just enter this every time they make a call until their credit is used up. Then they can simply buy more. There's no commitment and no hassle. Just great value calls overseas.

Thanks to Planet Calling thousands of people are saving money every day. Calling family, friends and loved ones overseas doesn't have to be an occasional treat. At these prices people can stay in touch without running up huge bills.

The service is flexible as well as great value. No matter where in the world people need to dial they can get a better deal through Planet Calling. There's no need to pay over the odds to call overseas ever again. Just buy some credit from Planet Calling.

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