Compulsive Binge eating is a form of eating disorder that is often said to be much higher than other forms of disordered eating like bulimia and anorexia. The problem is that it is often not spoken about and there can be a lot of shame attached to it.

As prevalent as it is, it is vital to remember that treatment for binge eating is possible and there are ways to achieve long term recovery and to prevent unhealthy behaviors from re-emerging.

How do beat compulsive eating for good?

1. Take the focus off diets

One of the main triggers for compulsive binge eating is the preoccupation with diets, restrictive eating plans and weight loss strategies. The key to a permanent recovery is to remove this obsession from your mind and to replace the old behaviors with new, pro recovery ones.
All forms of diet obsessed behavior should be removed, such as reading weight loss sites, spending too much time creating weight loss plans, restricting food and eliminating food groups. The reasons behind this are that they actually trigger and perpetuate disordered eating and will eventually lead to an overeating episode.
Diets and any form of restrictive eating and cutting out of food groups should be avoided, especially in early recovery. They keep the obsession alive in your mind and make it difficult to beat compulsive eating disorder permanently.

2. Have a support network for the times that you feel vulnerable

It is important to remember that you realize that you do not have to do this alone and that there are many others who are also suffering as well as those who have achieved complete recovery - something that is also available to you! You can find great support groups online that specialize in compulsive binge eating disorder or ask for a recommendation from a therapist.

3. Make a commitment to recovery

Once you have decided to enter into recovery, it is helpful to make a real commitment to this goal. This is the way that you will get the fastest and most effective results. Have a compulsive binge eating treatment plan that includes recovery peers, alternative coping mechanisms, meditation, writing out your journey and connecting with others. You can work on this plan daily and find support to help you put it all into

The decision to recover must be made with full commitment as it will require a lot of hard work, dedication to recovery and avoiding some of the triggers in your life. If you are prepared to go through this and make a life changing decision, then you are half way there.
You can achieve total recovery and live a life with freedom from the obsession that seems to be ruining your life. There are options available and you can find out more information from someone who has completely recovered and lives free of all disordered eating and obsession.

Complete recovery is absolutely possible and available to anyone who wants to end the pain and frustration of binge eating disorder.! Find out how to get started and achieve full freedom and recovery that is permanent and you will never need to live with the obsession again.

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