Beards change the way you look. It can make you look dashing and turn your look around. Beards are trending big time these days. However, keeping a beard is not as difficult as maintaining a beard. One has to maintain the length of the beard as well as to trim it regularly to get rid of excess hair. Beard Shaping thus becomes an important part of morning ritual for men who love their facial hair.

How about a Beard That Needs No Shaping?

We know you, men, daily go through this sound like a lot of work, but what if we told you that beard shaping laser that makes the process of beard shaping as easy as growing a beard?

Don’t believe us? Read on!

Laser Hair Removal For Men with Beards

Laser hair removal for men is without a doubt the biggest advantage for beard shaping. No more waking up a little earlier each day to trim the irritating hair that grows outside your desired beard shape. With laser hair reduction eliminating the hair you don't want on your beard, you can save so much time as you don't have to oh-so-carefully shave your beard line, thus cutting down on your morning routine!

This is beard styling: It involves cutting away at the follicles on your face to make your beard look most ideal.

Forget Razor with Laser Hair Reduction

Apart from the heavy manly look, it gives, beards also allow you to be free from razor injuries and frustration as well as an ingrown hair that never seems to go away. But, if you have to shave off the extra growth every day, than you are not gaining the benefit of a beard, are you? Laser hair removal has got you covered. You can forget about razor injuries that leave your face red as well as an ingrown hair that can be an irritation. Daily shaving is not only troublesome but is punitive on your delicate skin. With laser hair reduction for men with the beard essentially means permanent beard shaping.

Hygienic and hassle-free Permanent Beard Shaping

If you think of getting laser hair removal done for beard shaping is going to be an annoying process that takes too long, think again! A laser hair reduction session can take only 15 minutes (depending on the area to be lasered) and so can be quickly completed in your lunch break. Most people require 6 sessions to get the anticipated results. We recommend booking an appointment in advance so that you don’t have to worry about waiting at the clinic for long.

Laser Beard Shaping
Shaving the beard area is probably the most hated daily routine for men! Yet it’s vital for presenting a well-groomed, attractive presence for the workplace as well as socially. What can be done to get a hassle-free permanent beard shaping? The fitting reply is laser facial hair removal!

Laser beard shaping for men has become the number one hair removal treatment option. Not only is it very effective but is a relatively painless process as well with long-lasting results. the benefits certainly outweigh the cost of the procedure and one should not forget that one cannot put a premium on time, effort and money saved from not having to shave ever again in your life. No wonder facial hair removal for men is increasingly becoming popular.

When to go for Laser Beard shaping
Ideal candidates for laser beard shaping are those men having black or brown facial hair. This is because the laser light used to destroy the hair follicle roots is absorbed willingly by dark coloured pigmentation. If you’re a man who has naturally blond or light-coloured hair, you may still be a good candidate for laser hair removal if the facial hair grows in dark, as is often the case.

How much time does Laser Hair Reduction of Beard take?
Laser hair removal is much quicker than other modes of hair removal. On average, the treatment of the whole beard area usually takes anything between 15 to 50 minutes, depending on your beard growth, the thickness of hair and the area to be lasered.

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?
It’s a relatively painless process. If the facial hair is very dense or if the client has sensitive skin, prescription-strength topical anaesthetics can be applied before treatment. This way individuals are assured of having a stress-free and pain-free experience.

Beard Styles to Try
The shape of your face, whether it is round, square, length, and angles play a big factor in which beard styles compliment you most. For example, an extended, narrow the face will not benefit from a long, thin beard. You should ideally attempt to round out your facial length by adopting a fuller, wider beard. Embracing the laws of geometry is a strategic move that can best enhance your grooming game.

Whether you're the type of guy who can grow a thick beard in a single a week or who scuffles to get your moustache to meet your chin hair, there are means to ensure that every facial hair situation presents itself at its very look!

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