Beard hair transplant is that the hairs are taken from any part of the body type from the back of the head and replant them at the jawline which instigates the hair growth. Beard hairs can be used for hair transplantation at the head. Growing a beard is not easy for everyone. Some people are inherited with the genes that grow a dense and equal beard, but some people have a patchy and light beard. Boys and men with good beards are considered as more masculine, mature and handsome, But before starting the transplant procedure doctor will evaluate the hairs and skin to check if the person is eligible for treatment or not.
There are two main methods of beard hair transplant, including follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplantation. Follicular unit extraction involves strip surgery. In this method, the surgeon takes the strip of the skin from the back of the head and then dissects it to separate hair follicles and then make the cuts manually for replantation of hairs. The other method follicular unit extraction is relatively simple. The surgeon removes the individual follicle from the donor site with the help of micro punch tools. Whichever method the patient chooses, it involves harvesting, grafting, and replanting. The hairs are extracted from the back of the head because the hairs of the beard and head almost match each other’s densities. Grafting is that the doctor makes the graft from the strip of the skin and then cut to set their diameter and density for the best results. Replanting is the most important step. The surgeon will inject local anesthesia to numb the skin and will make the cuts to create little holes at the jawline in which the follicles can be replanted. The angles and direction of hairs really matter for a natural look and expected results.
Like all other treatments, beard hair transplant also possesses chances of side effects. Some potential side effects are infection, swelling, bleeding, redness numbness, etc. Infection can develop after some time of the treatment either at the donor site or recipient site, but the chances are rare. It is a crucial facial skin treatment, it is mandatory to follow precautionary measures to avoid complexity. The patient should avoid swimming, touching, scratching, and rubbing the harvested r treated area. A patient of beard hair transplant should also refrain from extensive exercises and direct exposure to the sunlight for a few days. Ignorance and carelessness in precautionary measures will result in infection, bleeding, etc.
The cost falls in the range of 3000$ to 7000$, but it varies with the different factors like the doctor you choose, the area in which this treatment is taking place, the clinic you visit, and the number of grafts being implanted in the surgery. The cost highly varies with regions. In some countries, it would be really expensive, while in other countries, it will be relatively less. If a patient chooses a well-reputed clinic it cost will automatically increase, but it is important to consider a good clinic and well-trained doctor because it affects the success rate. The cost of this surgery directly depends on the number of hair follicles are implanted. Typically, from 2000 to 5000 grafts are used in this procedure.
Beard hair transplant is a little expensive, but it has long-lasting effects. If a patient is not interested in hair transplantation, he may also go for tropical drugs like minoxidil and biotin to promote hair growth. Whatever the procedure you choose, you must discuss the side effects and benefits. It does not give 100%, but it is the best and reliable to get a thicker beard and to get a perfect look. If you are thinking to get a Beard hair transplant in Lahore then you can click and read more information about it

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