With the longest stretch of Caribbean coastline of any other country in the Americas, Venezuela is actually a vacation spot that is often overlooked but should be considered by all those trying to find a tropical beach vacation. You'll find a lot of hotels in Venezuela providing the ideal facilities for your holiday. Venezuela's coastline includes a array of destination opportunities for sun worshipers and beach bums.

So in case you are searching for enjoyable tropical vacation choose some of the great Venezuela hotels and have as much fun as you can.

Here is a short listing with the most famous beaches in Venezuela.

·Margarita Island

Margarita Island is Venezuela's most well-known international resort area, and visitors come here from all around the world to enjoy the various arrtactions. The white sands of the beaches are legendary. There are three main cities, Porlamar, Pampatar and La Asuncion and you may find there the proper for you hotel in Venezuela. The island's two national parks and three nature reserves provide wildlife-viewing options and picturesque, undeveloped Caribbean beaches. Margarita has an international airport with direct flights to and from leading cities in North America and Europe.

·Los Roques Archipelago

Los Roques Archipelago is a Venezuelan National Park with dozens of pristine white powder beaches gently lapped by clear turquoise waters. Most of the accommodation opportunities are located in El Gran Roque and are mainly in family hotels. The islands are famous with sport fishers and scuba divers, and also beach lovers searching for the perfect playa. Daily flights leave Caracas and Maracaibo for El Gran Roque.

·Henry Pittier National Park

This park is located no more than 50 miles west of Caracas, where the coastal foothills of the Andes Mountain range meet the Caribbean Sea. It is the country's oldest and contains some of the most scenic beaches. There you'll find clear blue water, surrounded by deep forest that is home to monkeys and jaguars. A few of the beaches along the highway from Caracas, such as Bahía de Cata, provide dining and basic accommodation alternatives.

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