Protection from the sun is important especially when you are planning to stay outdoors for a certain period of time. Since the ozone layer has become a lot thinner, peoples’ skin now need all sorts of protection from the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays. When outside, applying sunscreen is enough in most cases however when going to the beach, it is important to not just take sun block lotion with you, it will also be added protection to carry along reliable beach shelters. These shades or protection against the sun come in a variety of types or styles.

Here are some types of shades you can choose from shopping for appropriate beach shelters:

1. Cabanas – depending on the size, these can also be called gazebos and are often associated with canopy and chairs in one. For varieties that come as a complete set, it might take some time to set them up. Cabanas come in a variety of sizes depending on the number of people that can fit under the shade.
2. Beach umbrellas – these are the most basic types of sun shades you can bring to the beach. Their main benefit is that they are highly portable and can simply be propped on the ground once you’ve found a spot to settle on. There are also umbrellas that come with a tilting mechanism and they can be faced at any angle against the sun.
3. Tents – these are great for when you need to send a long period on the coast or when you need to place something on the ground that needs protection against the sun. Tents provide ground cover as well as protection from the coastal elements which is essential if you bring kids along. Some tents are water or shower proof depending on the material they are made of.
4. Canopy – these come in the form of tripods which are durable and very easy to assemble. They are also very light so they are easy to transport and they are advantageous in a way that they allow ventilation while at the same time blocking the harsh rays of the sun.
5. Shade umbrellas – these beach shelters tend to come with lower SPF value thus they can let in more sunlight but then they are advantageous in terms of portability. These are preferred by people who’d still like to get some sunlight rather than be in complete shade. These shades are convenient as they are easily retractable however it may take them more time to assemble to make them sturdier.

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