Be - Come with who you are, as you are. Come knowing that your personality and individuality are safe. Don't try to empty yourself of your selfhood: rather, acknowledge that selfhood and understand that it is treasured in heaven's eyes.

Still - Having come as yourself, quiet yourself. Not emptiness, but quietness. You spend your days being noisy and hearing noise, and you come with much-needed petitions. But now, come quietly. For the other end of the dialogue.

and - and while you are still . . .

Know - Know. Not "feel," but know. Knowing goes beyond mental apprehension, strikes deeper than emotional rest. Knowing is another look at the foundation of your heart, a reminder of eternal truths that get lost in temporal chaos. Knowing is trusting the utter safeness of God.

that - know this one thing . . .

I - Being still is turning your focus to me, away from yourself. It is understanding, in sober judgment, your own place at the foot of the throne - and beholding not your unworthiness, but the glory, the presence, the love of the Most High. Worries and cares can be put away for a while in the light of the eternal. I am real, and personal. I am not an abstract thought. I am with you.

Am - I am. I have touched you in the past and have ordained hope for your future, but it is now that I speak with you, meet with you, comfort you. Your worries and cares and joys are in the present, and so am I. Because I am, my presence will always be with you; and here, in your stillness, is where I remind you of that in a special way.

God - For all your needs, I will give grace. To your eternal hopes, I will give reality. In every question, I am your wisdom. For each sin, I grant forgiveness. I am the Alpha and Omega: mystery, light, savior, and life. I love you.

© 1996 Paula Marolewski

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