Self awareness means knowing who you are as a person, knowing your values, your strengths and weaknesses and how you will react to particular situations in life. You can be aware of yourself when you think about your goals in life, and how you go about achieving them. When you are self aware you would know your own emotions and how you react when confronted with a particular situation in life. Being self aware would let you stay prepared with whatever life throws at you rather than be caught by surprise every time.
Self awareness can develop when you know yourself. you probably would be knowing your family and friends better than you know yourself, and that is because you choose not to listen to your own voice. To be self aware you need to start listening to yourself more, you need to learn to observe every detail about your personality. When you would be self aware you would be more confident about yourself, self awareness will teach you how to trust yourself, your decisions and your beliefs.

Developing self awareness will take time; you would have to be ready to put in consistent efforts in order to increase your self awareness. Some of the tips mentioned here would help you to be more self-aware:

• Make an effort to spend more time on your own. When you constantly stay in the company of others it becomes difficult to know yourself. Instead be alone from time to time and spend some time with yourself.
• Observe every part of your personality. Observe how you feel about certain things, observe how you behave and act under pressure, and observe how you react and how your emotions change.
• Develop a habit of maintaining a journal. Write everyday about what comes to your mind; write about how you feel and what you find intriguing about yourself.
• Reflect on your own actions, think about why you do what you do and try to find a few answers.
• Think twice before you say or do anything, be entirely sure of what you are about to do. Think of why you want to do something, when you are entirely sure of your decisions you would be able to stand by them even when everyone else is against you. This will increase your self awareness and you would be able to trust yourself better.

One way of increasing self awareness is by practicing meditation techniques regularly. Meditation helps you to focus better and channel your thoughts and emotions in a way that would be for your own benefit. Spend half an hour everyday to meditate, leave behind all the other thoughts and preoccupations and just sit in solitude reflecting upon a different aspect of you everyday. This is a perfect way to be more self aware.
Being self aware would help you predict and plan for future events, when you are better prepared you can take on any challenge in life and succeed at it. Know yourself better, be self aware.

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Jan Tijmes is an ex-engineer-turned spiritual coach, who opened The John Positive Company in 2006, following a near-death roll-over accident in Colorado. He specializes in helping people, young and old, release old patterns and learn more about who they are, what they want, and how to go after it using group and one-on-one sessions. Jan currently resides in India, and offers sessions to individuals, corporations, and tele-seminar groups across the globe. To register for free tele seminars please visit