Dreams are like the Candy above, they make you feel good. So are you a dream promoter or crusher? Do you support your dreams and dreams of others or do you crush them like stepping on a grape on the floor? I really work on not being judgemental of others dreams. I do hear everyday from people knocking other people down or talking behind their back about the others dreams. They say common things like “That isn’t going to work”, “They won’t last together”, common ones I have heard are “People have tried that before, it won’t work” or “We’ve tried that before and it didn’t work” or “It Can’t be done”. I feel the word ‘Can’t’ is a nasty four letter word in my vocabulary. Why not lose the ‘C’ word and replace your words and thoughts with positive ones? Joel Osteen said;

Don’t let “Good enough” be good enough.

You’ve got to get your dreams back. Get your fire back. Don’t just survive your marriage; get a new vision for it today. Don’t just drag into work doing the same thing: start taking some steps of faith. You’ve got more in you. Push yourself a bit. What you are hoping for may not have happened in the past, but this is a new day. If you’ll keep pressing, hoping, believing, not only will you rise higher, but also you’ll see things begin to change in your favor. “Joel, I tried and I failed. My dream was dashed.” Well, dream another dream. “But I’ve suffered a big loss, a major setback.” Get back up and go again. That’s what we all have to do.

Source: Joel Osteen, Become a Better You book, pg 22-23.

Dream Promoter

I have a friend who moved in with a girlfriend after dating less than two months. Some people would say negative things about it not working out or say jokes to him. I never have, I believe anything is possible and that is his life, his dreams, his passions and it isn’t my place to say it won’t work or crush his dreams. Same as with my kids who are now in college. My Daughter is going to college and has her own apartment. She is in her third year of being on her own and she has studied abroad also. I am so proud of her and that she is persistent in her goals. She also works two jobs and studies a lot but yet doesn’t let those things detour her from her dreams.

My son is in his first year at college, he went to New York, which is way far from Minnesota. But he is there pursuing his dreams. He is going to college and just had a audition for a band and he got it. I am so proud of him for not being afraid and going after his passions and dreams. If you can tell I am very proud of both my kids and I will always be proud of them in what ever they want to do in their lives. I will always support their dreams and passions. Do you treat everyone in your lives the way I treat my kids in a supportive way?


I’ve dreamt in my life dreams that have stayed with me ever after, and changed my ideas: they’ve gone trough and through me, like wine through water, and altered the color of my mind.

Source- Emily Bronte

It may be that those who do most, dream most.

Source - Stephen Leacock

Power of your words and thoughts
As you know we only use 5% of our mind and the other 95% of our mind we don’t use. The 95% is called our unconscious part of our mind. But it is so powerful. When we say negative things about ourselves it can go not only into our conscious mind but deep into our unconscious part and create fears and make us have doubts. So be-careful about ever saying anything negative about yourself. The same can go for people you meet, we shouldn’t say any negative words to them nether because it could effect them for life. Why not say encouraging words or nothing at all. It is more fun to build others up than tear them down.


There are two ways to have the tallest building in town. One is to build it and the other way is to knock down all the taller buildings.

Source – Devin Hastings, author of 21st Century Medicine, Clinical Evidence for the Healing Power of the Mind

Be like my Dad

My dad was a great man and never crushed my dreams or dreams of others. I plan to live up to his example of life. That is why I created the Mills Way. Some of my dreams are to have the best relationship with my kids, to have a great marriage, to touch millions of lives in the world with the Mills Way, etc. I have many more dreams, but I don’t want to bore you. They are my dreams and they are strong in my conscious and unconscious part of my mind. What are your dreams? Why not start today by dreaming large dreams? Don’t let others crush your dreams. Block out any negative words from others. Please let me know your thoughts and ideas. Also please join my facebook and Linkedin using my e-mail of mills.management@hotmail.com. Have a great day.

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About Bruce Mills and Mills Way
Hi, My name is Bruce Mills and I am the creator of Mills Way.

Thank you for visiting my site. I started this site in the hopes of helping others live a happier life. My dad inspired me to create the Mills Way. He lead a life that anyone would be proud of. He was has happily married to my mom for 57 years. He was a giving man to people in the community in so many ways. He was a supporter of my dreams and others. He was not a materialistic person and lived with little debt his whole life. He had a good smile and was a great day to myself and sister. His five grand kids would tell you that he was the best grandfather anyone could ever have.

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Mills Way is Positive Solutions for home, life and business. We offer Life Coaching, NLP to Hypnosis services. We can make you a personal Self Hypnosis CD or we have many already made. I will also offer many other items and services in the future. I am available to speak to your group or business about the Mills Way. I am also available for one on one coaching. Mills way covers Leadership, Faith, Dreams, Relationships, Business, Balance in Life, Living Worry Free, Living Debt Free, Communication, Being Positive Daily, Giving Back to Others and much more. With Hypnosis I can do one on one sessions to group sessions to parties or events.

I have two wonderful kid that I am so proud of. My daughter is going to the University of Minnesota and my son is going to the University of New York. Both have done so amazing in school and out of school. I have faith they will continue on and live by the Mills Way.

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