The world is changing and so are the people in it. When life used to feature such simplicity, we have moved into an era were simplicity is a thing of the past on the outside of our characters, and an alter ego has a central role in our lives. At what point have we stopped being authentic and at what point will we crack to realize this dissension from our true nature and quite possibly our true calling?

I live in an extremely interesting part of the world and recognize that a lot of people refer to Dubai as a fictitious place. In the sense that nothing is “real.” I agree and disagree with that statement, but I would apply that statement to the rest of the world, because people’s ego, particular those that do not have certain material possessions at times negatively comment on those who do have, however, in the same breadth, the lack of realness in a transient place such as this is, that at times, there are personalities that are not authentic, and it is easy to spot.

It is sad to see because it appears in many forms such as people who dress in clothes they have no business purchasing (because they cannot afford them), bullies at work who may have struggled in their home country and have managed to acquire a “high” position in their place of work. What makes the inauthenticity so interesting is that people believe their own lies about themselves, but when you lie, be aware that everyone can see what you are doing, as I say “you can’t play a player” – that is truly impossible!

A bully for instance , particularly in the workplace, demonstrates an individual who feels totally insecure and needs to be in charge or top of something or someone, so they feel powerful to be seen or heard and/or making decisions where they cannot be challenged. The most interesting thing about bullies in the workplace, I have found is that on the inside there is an emptiness that they have and feel that the only way to contribute to the world is take over, belittle people or ignore others to be where they “think” they should be. So, it gets me thinking that one of the most important things to understand is that your job should NEVER define you, because once it is gone, who are you then? You see a bully gives his power away but he or she will NEVER acquire power by trying to steal someone else’s.

This is one example and it is important that it is acknowledged as an example, because I have come to realize that people tend to live outside of who they really are, and if you or I dig deeper, I can guarantee that they, many a time, do not know who they are themselves.
One of my good friends highlighted a quote, “Be Yourself, Because Everybody Else is Taken!” So, to me this means, as a world of people, a lot of us need to WAKE UP!

Imagine that!! Imagine, if everyone was themselves, would the world be a better place? Because we all have to remember that we were not born as bad people, we just taught ourselves some seriously bad habits along the way, which really isn’t cool because on the way to attaining such awful habits, guess what, you started to lose you authentic self, leading into an impractical and unrealistic version of yourself!

The truth is, when we become unrealistic in our own idea of who we think we are, we attract the wrong people and unwanted experiences into our lives. To be fair to this paradigm, it is important to note that listening to a lot of unwanted experiences of many people, we have to start looking at what we are putting in the universe and what the universe is actually mirroring back to us. The two question I pose to you are, ‘Who is it you want to be?’, and ‘Does your current life/friends/spouse/job/experiences reflect that?’

If you life doesn’t then this is when the lies start showing up and the battle for “power,” keep remembering the bully for this example, (otherwise recognized as ego) kicks in…..scary, I know, but it’s the truth, and the thing that interests me the most, is the negative self talk. If we were living the true expression of our higher self, I strongly believe the ratio of negative self talk will be like 10% to that of 90% of positive self talk. However, in many cases of real life, as it stands today, in a world where financial increase can be looked on by others with a form of jealously and envy, love is misaligned and mismanaged, families do not pray together to stay together, we are working just to earn money, however, by doing this, we distort our own understanding of happiness and thus we create a substitute that “resembles” happiness of your true self, but really isn’t.

Looking at all the reasons why we ‘can’t’ be or do something, baffles me. We all need to create a plan of action of ‘Getting to Happy’ as per the Terry McMillian book title, and it truly is important to do so. But fear is what holds us back, in many cases. Why are we scared of being our true selves? Is it because someone won’t like you… the f%$& what, it’s a minority!! Only the person who is the bully, or even the victim can answer why they choose to sustain negative behaviour, assuming it will get them to a type of ‘Happy.’ I have ALWAYS believed that one of the most important things in this life is to be aware of your behaviour, verbal output, your thoughts, because when you live an inauthentic life, the only person you are fooling is yourself!

Not everyone will like the honest you, but the key is to like YOU for you! When I do my one to one healing discussions with clients (I’ve had a few, so it’s a small build up which will take some time to grow), one thing I ask them to do is list 10 things they like about themselves, and guess what, they can’t! After the second or third word, they stop, so I take over and splurge out about 20 words that speak love of myself, into my life.

I wish for the world to get to a point of truth, for each living person to embrace who they really are and let go of the self-serving attitude, ego and lack of love. One thing that has a fundamental meaning to humanity is being in ‘service’ to the Universe.

Being of service allows you to be you and if that means that you are able to simply renew your mind and behavior at work, then DO IT. If it means telling your spouse they are amazing everyday – DO IT! If it means being a more focused parent by allowing a parent- child growth guidance regime then let go and DO IT!

I hope that today I have made a difference to your day and your paradigms on your journey to being YOU!

Wishing you, success, love and light!!

Author's Bio: 

Sandra Addae (MBA)
Broadcast Executive by 5 Days a week, Social Anthropologist every spare moment available in the Universe