A few days ago, I attended a very interesting speech in Athens Greece. It is no secret anymore that Greece is in a deep crisis. Peter Economides was the speaker and the subject was “Rebranding Greece”. I follow Peter’s activities, and I was sure that it would be an inspirational speech. I was surprised by the attendance. The hall was packed, and over 50 people were standing. People of all ages. Well, yes, it seems there are a lot of people who want the current situation to change. And this is a promising message.
At the end, most questions from the participants focused on what we can do to change the current situation. I agree with the speaker…each one of us, must make our own start. Gandhi says “Be the change you want to see in the world”. And this change begins from each one of us and each one of us alone. Think about it…everybody moans for the current situation. Everybody blames the government, the politicians etc. There is so much wasted energy…What if we used that energy in order to become better people? What if we considered the ways to make our daily life better? What about smiling to the people you see on the street? What about helping a mother to cross over the street with the stroller? What about slowing down in order not to splatter the pedestrians when it rains? What about saying “thank you”? If we want to enhance our lives after all, it is important to know, love and respect ourselves. Make the best out of us. Behave to others just as we want them to behave to us. Only if we make the best out of us, will our neighborhood, our city, our country become a better place.
The first step for each and every one of us, is to become the change we want to see in the world.
Be Unique!
Jill Douka MBA, ACC

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“Jill Douka supports people to take action, feel secure and get the greatest value from their future. She is a coach, workshop leader and author, lives in Athens, Greece, next to the sea, working with clients from 3 continents. She is the founder of http://www.uniquenessdevelopmentgroup.com”