All of us wants to be successful, but just enough to beat our opponents. I agree that it gives us a sense of motivation and thrill, but look into it in a deeper way. Your success is not shallow enough to be dependent on a person you don’t like. It should surround you and give out positive vibes. Whether you believe in energy channeling or not, it is not that difficult to note that you have extra energy willing to move mountains when you are happy. You will notice the color of the sky, the fragrance of flowers, birds chirp, and what not. Everything seems lovely even a dry summer noon.
Be Successful for You, Not for Your Opponents is a powerful phrase. It helps you focus on yourself rather than being a part of a competition. Why limit ourselves on just getting more success than your foe. Aim for the sky and helps everyone in your path. You are very important and unique. Destination is not what defines you, it’s the path and the friends you make during this journey. What will you do with your Oscar or a Nobel Prize if you just earned it with hate in your heart? What worth is a big mansion and a luxury car if you don’t feel the happiness within? Every individual is 1 in a million, don’t down yourself with comparison. Be happy with what you have.
I agree that success doesn’t comes easy, it comes with determination, focus, hard work and motivation. At times you will feel like losing, you might think that it’s not worth it. But let me stop you right there, everyone on this planet is created and born with a purpose and you can polish it with your skills. You and only you are capable of changing your life, no one else will come and rescue you.
Focusing on your opponents will only worsen the pain of hardships and you will get nowhere. Additionally, you can’t compare success of two people. Everyone’s different, born in a different house under different circumstances, having different definition of success, face different difficulties, have different love lives, some want kids some don’t, some are career oriented, others want to do home chores, some got their college fee from parents some have to pay the debt and the list goes on. Trust me, there is no meter or gauge that can measure the kindness of your heart or the way you define success.
Don’t strangle the neck of your merriness just to meet someone’s expectations and do monetarily better than your competitors. Find the thing that motivates you and drives you through the day. Find something worth living for and every day you will feel the same way as the new love does to your heart. You smile without any reason, jump in joy, swirl with the wind and nothing can change your mood. Keep the switch of your emotions in your hand, don’t let others drive you. You know what’s best for you, your emotions and your mental health. No one can feel the way like you perceive things, enjoy the little moments before they are over. Stay Happy and blessed.
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Carol Hills is an inspirational and motivational writer and speaker. She has been writing since her childhood and now writes for 'Inspirational Stories'. She is a mother of two and work full time while managing kids.