Father God thank you for your forgiveness today.
Storms in my life daily give me a reason to pray.
You Lord God are the giver of all good things, hearing from you daily with the positive instruction it brings.
I look towards Heaven with a very watchful eye, please Jesus help me, I've forgotten how to cry.
Life has many ways to get you down, open my ears Holy Spirit to hear what you're saying...a peaceful quiet sound.
I feel like I've been praying my entire life. This pain, that problem, how am I going to do it, Lord I'm tired of all this strife.
If I could only figure out that I'm not the only one in need, then Jesus would begin to manifest in me a great harvest from a God given seed.
Yes, I believe we all have it, that power that lies deep within, if we learn to use it for good and not sin.
Countless hours in prayer, kneeling beside your bed, be quiet...listen...remember what Jesus said, 'And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.' He said he would and I believe he will, he's God...be quiet...listen...be still!
Your answer to your prayer, when God, where God, God how?
Your prayer is before the Father and your High Priest Jesus is answering it now.
Our flesh is anxious and impatient, we need an answer and we need one today. I'm sorry my creation, your Creator has planned a better way.
Through times of testing, through every tribulation on earth, God's shaping in you a very Godly worth.
You see our lives come and go and we live life at a breakneck pace, slow down my sons and daughters...I'm the designer of this race.
Human, that's the name of this event, God formed you in your mother's womb and placed in your heart the name of the lamb that would be sent.
His name is Jesus and he prays for me and for you, everyday your prayers are on the altar and God's listening...listening to what Jesus has to say.
There is peace and I know it's real! Jesus I'm going to ask again tonight when I stoop and kneel. Jesus if I can touch the hem of your garment, Lord I pray you, if this prayer is not too demanding, precious Lord, GIVE ME YOUR PEACE THAT PASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING!! GOD YOU ARE GOOD!!

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I'm a 64 year old male, living with wife of 43 years, Linda, in Virginia Beach, Va. Formerly in Naval Reserve as a Yeoman aboard the USS America. After discharge I served in the position of Import Manager at two Custom House Brokerage firms. I was a route salesman with Pepsi Cola and Mary Jane Bakery for twenty one years. I delivered mail for a local newspaper for five years and I worked in Target's logistics department for nine years. I've been Blessed by God to have two Christian books published and I'm recently retired. My website is neuropathynick.com and my blog site is author-randolph-alvis.blogspot.com