When I was more actively involved in practice, my associate and I went to a continuing education seminar. We were so excited about applying what we learned that we talked about it during the entire 2-hour drive home. We stopped by the office. Four patients had left voice mails that they wanted to be seen. We called right then and had them come in so that we could use the new procedures. We rarely had anybody call on a weekend. To have four call on Sunday was amazing.

This gets back to controlling your energy. If you are excited about something, your energy shifts and things can seem to happen like magic. On the other hand, if you are in a meditative state, what I call the void - you may find nothing is happening.

Walter Russell, author of The Divine Iliad, talked about the importance of decentrating to concentrate. We move from the void of meditation which centers and stills the mind to concentration which focuses the mind and leads to action. Then we go back to decentration to rest in the void.

I often work with people who are so busy that they get little done. Reminds me of an "angel investor" meeting I attended. The investors were young, retired, Microsoft employees looking for promising ways to multiply their wealth. I was early to the meeting and watched as two investors greeted each other.

"Staying busy?," one asked.

The other replied, "Wrong question. The question is: Are you being productive?"

Where does productivity happen? Does it happen in the physical world first? Or does it first happen in your soul and manifest as physical action?

My associate and I were excited about new procedures and helping patients. We were talking about it. We manifested four patients coming in on a Sunday without sending out invitations or telling anyone. Of course, we answered the voice mails. There is always physical follow up. The point is the excitement and energy attract people and things to you.

That is why it is so important to do what makes you excited and happy. Not only are you excited and happy - a great state of being - you attract more of what makes you excited and happy.

Allow yourself to be excited and happy. Give yourself permission to do those things that bring joy to your life. You may find a new hobby, a new career, or different ways of doing what you are already doing. Do not allow your past to determine your future. You can change if you want.

Remember to celebrate your success. Allow your energy and enthusiasm to build as you experience more of what you enjoy.

Then meditate to go back to the void and rest in gratitude and preparation for even more. Be in that feeling of joy, as you drift back into the void to decentrate so you can concentrate. Watch your stats and see if you accomplish more while doing less. That is being productive in an unconventional way.

Author's Bio: 

Robert Affolter is teacher/consultant at Affolter Academy - Enlightening People Who Choose to Think.