Depending on your body’s immune system, you may be prone to certain types of allergies and accordingly, allergy season can cause problems for you any time of the year. Moreover, seasonal allergies can affect any individual at any time. Spring time is typically considered as allergy season as pollens are released in the air in this season. Moreover, due to spring cleaning, a lot of dust particles are also disposed in the air. The dry wind in this season makes this dust and pollen mixture more dense creating a worst environmental condition for the allergy sufferers.
So not only pollens but dust particles are also responsible for allergies. Some of the basic seasonal allergy symptoms include a sore throat, sneezing, running nose, burning eyes, fever, cough, etc. Though these seasonal allergies are not very acute, they can sometimes take a severe form, leaving you in a miserable condition. So, it is always better to take preventive measures as much as possible to minimize the impact of these seasonal allergies on our bodies.
Here are four important suggestions that can keep you healthy during the allergy season.
• Proper planning: In different seasons, different types of natural phenomenon are responsible for various allergies. In spring, various pollens increase in the atmosphere and as a result various allergies are prominent. In summer, the growth of grasses often leads to allergies, and in winter, the growth of unwanted weeds results in various allergies. Be up to date with what type of allergy is prominent in the atmosphere through local news and online updates. If you know you are prone to such allergies, try to avoid outdoor activities as much as possible. Even if you have never suffered from such allergies, take precautionary measures by staying away from such allergies as much as possible.
• Consultation: As soon as you notice any symptom of a seasonal allergy, consult a doctor for medications to control the problem at its primary stage. Often, it is found that initial negligence results in an acute form of a disease because some allergies have the power to weaken the body’s sensitivity to allergens.
• Healthy habits: In allergy season, you need to practice certain healthy habits to avoid suffering from allergies. After returning home from outdoor activities, make it a habit to change your clothes and wash your exposed body parts with sanitizers. Moreover, to strengthen your body’s immune system, practice healthy and nutritious food habits.
• Control indoor atmosphere: It is always recommended to keep your home neat and tidy because dirt and dust make an ideal environment for various allergies. Also, invest a little and install a particle arresting air purifier at home for air filtration. This technology filters the indoor atmosphere and keeps it away from all the seasonal irritants present outdoors.
Follow these basic tips and keep yourself and your near ones away from the seasonal allergies. Moreover, if you have infants at home, you need to be more careful as infants are easily prone to seasonal allergies.

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