When we think of surrender, many of us think of "giving up." By surrender, I don't mean give up and lie in bed. This is not, "I can't do this, so I quit!" QUITE the contrary. This is about Positive Expectation while allowing the Universe free rein on how to bring it on!

So, you may ask why I - who am a proponent of women drawing the line in the sand to step into the life they want - encourage women to surrender. Here's why: Surrendering is freedom. When we tightly control our world, how we want the people in it to behave, the outcomes, we are shutting off the flow of the Universe. When I ask women if they are ready to "draw the line in the sand", what I'm asking is, "Are you ready to change your life?" And often, to change, there is a big chunk of surrender involved.

Sometimes this isn't easy to hear, especially when you are at a transition in your life, such as divorce. You won't want to "give up" while negotiating with your ex (and I'm not asking you to give up working toward what you want), but if you lighten up on the "white knuckling", and "soften", you may just find that your ex softens, too. People tend to attract what they put out. If you are ready for a fight, you'll get one. If you know you'll find a solution, then the Universe will show you what that is. You may be very surprised.

Surrendering to the flow of the Universe and the natural flow of events means you make a conscious decision not to try to control HOW what you desire will come about. The Universe has MUCH bigger ideas than you do!

We tend to think pretty small. The Universe thinks pretty darned big. Imagine the freedom of letting go of all that you "need" to control: the trying, the self-doubt, the pain of not getting exactly what you want at exactly when you want it. Trying to control life is exhausting! However, if you give the Universe the freedom to manifest (which it can't do while you are controlling -- remember, the Universe reflects back to you what you are putting out), it's probably going to give you much more than you ever dreamed of, in ways that aren't even in your conscious mind yet.

Your conscious mind can only really see your point of view, even with all the other opinions you bring into it. But imagine if you could get into the heads of 5 of your most admired "big thinkers": Oprah, Tony Robbins, Marianne Williamson, Louise Hay, Einstein, for example. Imagine what they could conjure up for you -- and that's only 5 people. Imagine if you opened to the Universe's ability to give to you beyond your wildest dreams...Ahhhh. That's Abundance, and Abundance comes with Surrender.

As my mother would say, "Say Thank You" to the nice Universe!

Some tips for surrendering and dreaming big:

* associate with others who dream big
* when you start to feel your body tighten when you worry about how something will turn out, you'll know you're trying to control
* when you're feeling angry, defensive or judgmental, you're trying to control
* worry less about the "how" of what you want will happen. Let the Universe surprise you!
* Stay aware of opportunities right under your nose - when you surrender, you're more awakened and ready to see them.

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Author's Bio: 

Teresa M. Goetz, CPC, MS, L.Ac. has a long history of working with women - from life coach to acupuncturist, wellness center owner to childbirth educator. She gets enormous satisfaction out of watching women grow into who they truly were meant to be. She helps women turn a personal crisis, like divorce, into a defining moment that transforms their lives. Teresa speaks and writes on women's issues and health, works with clients one on one and runs workshops for women.