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Because we’re humans, we feel all sorts of emotions, and not all of them are good. We go through pain, heartache, depression, anxiety, anger, stress, envy, jealousy—the list can go on and on.

What makes it even harder is we don’t have enough methods on how to deal with them with grace. It seems like the more we fight them, the more they persist.

This is one of the reasons why you need to watch a subliminal video message.

How does a subliminal message work?

On a daily basis, it’s your conscious mind that’s always on the job. You use it to process information, analyze situations, and make decisions. Moreover, you use your decision based on the memories stored in your conscious mind.

The main issue with the conscious mind, however, is you can influence it. If you’re overwhelmed with emotions and you allow them to take charge, you will never be able to make excellent or sound decisions.

What should you do then? You tap on your subconscious mind. It’s a part of your mind you often take for granted. However, it can be extremely powerful. Since you don’t have any control on how your subconscious mind functions, it is not affected by what you feel. It can also influence your conscious mind.

Along with the subconscious mind, you use subliminal messages. These messages are sometimes known as affirmations or positive statements. Their main goal is to fill your subconscious mind with good messages until they form part of your new belief system.

For example, subliminal messages may tell you that you can overcome your pain, there’s always a good day ahead of you, and a lot of people love you. If you’re feeling depressed and you’re suddenly filled with messages, wouldn’t your emotions change from something bad to good? For sure it would.

But for your subliminal messages to really work, it’s not enough to listen, see, or hear them once. You need to repeat them a lot of times. The subconscious mind is deep seated, so the messages go through the conscious mind first. If you repeat them only a few times, they will only be rejected by the conscious mind.

You can obtain the subliminal messages in different ways. There are offered as mp3 downloads and subliminal videos. Between the two, the latter is better.

A subliminal message video combines vision, sound, and text. Based on studies, it’s faster and easier for you to understand and remember the message when it’s presented in these three forms.

How to Get a Subliminal Messaging Video

You can have a subliminal message video in a variety of ways. Usually the first step is to go to video-sharing websites like YouTube where millions of videos are available and are for free. But you may come across those from non-experts and learn the wrong methods in using subliminal messages.

It’s always best to obtain your subliminal materials from the experts such as Nelson Berry. Their websites are filled with videos, which you can get at no extra cost once you sign up to their newsletter. You can also watch them in their blogs.

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