I have never used my position as a tool to down grade others. Instead I had accepted since the very inception of my job career {almost 26 years ago} that a job is a way of life, a bread and butter pursuit to be tackled scrupulously and honestly at all times.

I had jealously guarded my sovereignty and integrity and had always raised my voice against the evil and for this I have paid a heavy price on numerous occasions. The fact that I am still alive with a positive, even bullish attitude towards my future prospects has generally been dismissed as obstinacy and bravado on my part. Rest assured that it is not. It stems from realization that …it a’int over till it’s over.

I had retained both my functional independence and not put in jeopardy my family’s bare necessities of life.

I have not lived the “high life” in the conventionally defined sense of the word has never troubled me. The high life stems in great measure from the shallow depths of human psyche. The future may be bleak for a moment but dark clouds always give way to a brighter sunshine in everyone’s life.

When I had decided to retire was my final decision as I was unable to continue in the quagmire of S where deceit, cheating, dirty politics’ and fraud have become the order of the day. Whenever, I have confronted anyone of his gross irregularities and misdemeanors and deviation from the laid down rules of the company. The transgressor instead of accepting his fault placed tons of accusations on the person who had pointed out the irregularities and you had always believed them “This you call justice must be seen as done” You make a mockery of your own statement. Whoever, is first to enter your room or has the access to you with a tantalizing story you have heard him and shot the other guy who was trying to place before you the facts.

Allow me to tell you a story of King’s Jesters:

The kings and Rajas of the past had official entertainers in their courts. These were professional clowns, dancers, poets, jugglers etc, whose only function in the king’s court was to amuse him. That would do any thing and go to any extent to seek the pleasure of the man sitting on the throne. These professionals could not even think of uttering a single word not in tune with the official line. The only truth for them was what the almighty king desired. Sometimes the questions and answers were all prepared beforehand.

Some people think that these institutions have died down. Being the custodians of both Mughal and British traditions we have not let these institutions die, rather we have changed their form. They are now special persons granted special incentives, to do the maligning job. Well these poor souls are unable to do any other meaningful task and their livelihood depends upon how well they can scandalize others without been suspected, how to distort facts into tell tale lies and present to their masters and earn their appeasement.

They try to excel each other. But while they are undertaking these tasks, they have no knowledge that by their actions they are undermining the very foundations of the castle in which they are living so comfortably and eating the fruits of its orchids. The fact will dawn upon them the day the earth shakes beneath their feet and the castle crumbles to dust. But it will be too late to reverse the clock. They had themselves brought this wrath upon themselves.

The lesson is not for these jesters but is for the masters they themselves allowed these clowns to prosper which lead to the dropping of the curtain.

Remember “You cannot stop the birds of sorrow to fly over your head, but you can stop them to build their nests”.

I hope that my afore mentioned words will be taken seriously and not termed as ranting. If one wants to prosper it must give up its present working practice and adopt a more rationale and practical environment for the workers so they can deliver both quality and quantity. So think again before you plunge into abyss on a one way ticket.

The fate and the fortune is in your hands it is up to you which F will you apply. I had played my innings with best of my abilities. Honestly and with sheer dedication.

I was left with no more bandages to cover-up the deep gashes inflicted by others. On many occasions I had sacrificed my family for you and S.

Therefore, instead of taxing my health, with undue stress of S, which solely depends on the mood of the day. I had made up my mind to move out of this jungle, where solid oak trees are cut mercilessly to make floors of ones castle and then drums are beaten of the so called protection of environment. Is this not hypocrisy.

Therefore keeping my left over sanity I decided to quit as there exists a thin Red Line between the Sane and the Mad.

Earlier harmony and respect co-existed hand in hand. This was one of major factors for the growth of Engineers, but today dishonesty and deceit are the hallmark to succeed in Sayyed and I was a misfit to this new system.

Even in my last moments I have tried to save my company by providing you with a detailed record which you had asked for time and again and you were provided with tell tale stories. Had I not risked my future more millions would have been whisked away on a pretext of combating a competitor? In return I was cheated of my shares of FPL whereas, others who did nothing got gratis shares for what? I feel happy that you have cheated me not only with my shares but also with my other dues as well on the day of the judgment I will receive thousands time the lost amount. I think you remember how we had generated funds to pay off the debts.

Author's Bio: 

Asad Rehman is a Strategic Manager who brings real drive and energy to organizations. He is by nature, an innovator and driver. His focus is on assisting Corporate Executives to integrate Strategy, Structure and Perception Management across their entire organization.

Profile and Experience

Asad Motivational management style with a record of building and retaining highly motivated sales teams, distributor networks and manufacturers representative. Talent to identify opportunities for accelerated growth. Recognized for ability to categorize continuous change actions to reduce costs, enhance quality and increase margins. Implementation of ISO-9001 Quality Control Standards. Bringing new systems and products on or ahead of schedule on below budget. Enjoy driving new improvements. Strong management and leadership skills, with the ability to motivate professionals to achieve maximum levels of targets. Excellent communicator, with emphasis on building strong client relationships. Recognized for ability to develop consensus for strategic planning among all stakeholders.

With more than 25 years experience Managing Sales, Marketing, Production Operations and Merchandising at the district, regional and corporate level for both start-up and established retail, wholesale and manufacturing companies. Asad has co-authored a number of studies relating to Micro-Distribution network, Re-structuring of work force, Marketing Research titled Who is Snatching Sayyed Marketing Share, has designed a number of successful marketing policy’s and is invited to a number of leading Universities as a guest speaker to share his experience with MBA students. He was also awarded a Scholarship from the Government of Japan in 1989 to study “Cross Cultural Management Course” from (Association of Overseas Technical Scholarship). The immense knowledge he gained is translated into real time action. He is a regular traveler to Europe and Middle East.

Previous Experience & Historical Background

 Worked with Reckitt and Colman. 1977. As ‘Sales Representative.
 Phillips Electrical Company. 1977-1978.As Technical ‘Sales Representative.

 Sayyed Engineers {Pvt} Limited As Chief Manager Marketing & Manager Operations 1978-2005

 Worked with Master Ball Point Industry as General Manager Marketing Nov 2005- March 2006.

 Worked with Zaman Paper and Board Mills. Shiekhpura as General Manager Jan 2007- Nov 2007.