You can make up your mind to be as happy as you want to be, just as Abraham Lincoln has suggested, and you can choose to be more productive, and thus become as successful as you want to be!

There are sales people who get up late, hurry to get ready foor work, rush to get there in time for a sales meeting, they get stressed out, and then there is a rocky start to their day. The same goes for the waitress and the dental assistant, and just about every other job under the sun.

However...the sales person, the waitress, and the dental assistant who gets plenty of sleep the night before, perhaps by eliminating a few hours of useless tv (a word, actually abbreviation, that I no longer wish to capitalize)will be able to get ready for the day ahead without rushing or stressing, can get to work on time, and have a much more positive and productive day, and will probably become more of a success in life!

There are many time-wasting activities that people engage in, and they would be better advised to cut down on some of these. Deep in your heart, you KNOW if there is something you are doing that is a waste of time! Why not consider giving them LESS of your precious time, and use some of that time for more important things!

There are millions of people who feel that they need and want more money, and if you feel that way, then there is no shame in that. If you need and want more income, then you will certainly have to do something productive and constructive to earn those funds.

It is no surprise that these days, there are so many people beginning their own home based businesses. Initially a home based business can provide a little extra income to help you make ends meet, but eventually it can be grown into a full time livelihood! At that point, when it becomes enough income to live on, your home based business may afford you the luxury of quitting a job. How nice would it be to quit your job? Well, you just might make that dream a reality, but it all begins with a positive attitude and becoming more productive, each and every day!

You can Choose Happiness, Success, and Productivity if you wish...or you can just turn the tv on and waste some time...the choice is YOURS!

Many Blessings!

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Father Time is a self-help writer and speaker, as well as a purveyor of powerful and effective good luck amulets! Father believes that everyone has the ability to make their life better, by developing a more positive attitude and by pushing themself to be more productive!

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