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When you’re in a golf course, you just don’t want to play the game. You want to win it. Winning, after all, provides a different type of euphoria. It inspires you, motivates you, and fills your life with so much joy.

You, however, many not be a good golfer. In fact, you’re struggling to learn the game, and now you’re frustrated. Here’s a surprise for you: there’s a possibility everything is in the mind.

What’s the main requirement for golf playing? Concentration. But when your hands are shaking, your feet are imbalanced, and your sweating profusely, you lose your focus. Hence, it’s not a wonder if you cannot have a hole-in-one.

Why You’re Possibly Losing

There are tons of reasons why:

• You are anxious or prone to panic attacks.
• You’re suffering from depression.
• You’re under too much stress.
• You develop some trauma related to golf or golf playing.
• You’re not confident.
• You think you can’t do it.
• Your mind is into losing, not into winning.
• You’re too tired to play.
• You’re not interested in it in the first place.

How to Get Over the Causes

If the main issue has something to do with the mind, then you have to address it also through a mind technique. One of these is hypnosis.

How does hypnosis work in golf? Hypnosis is usually performed by a hypnotherapist or by you (if you know self hypnosis). You place your body and mind in a completely relaxed state. This way, you can tap on your subconscious mind.

If you’re using subliminal messages or affirmations, you place suggestions into your subconscious such as the following:

I am the master of the game.
I throw away everything that causes me stress.
I am destined to win every game.
I am confident of my own skills.

The subliminal messages are repeated over and over. This is to convince your mind to fully accept and believe them as your new truths.

The Benefits of Using Hypnosis among Golf Players

Plenty of golf players who have undergone hypnosis have reported feeling completely relaxed and calm. Such calmness is then manifested physically. They no longer have shaky hands and feet. They have more effective hand-to-eye coordination. Most of all, they become more focused.

They are also able to deal with much deeper reasons for their anxiety or panic. They won’t eliminate the memories of trauma or fear, but they are able to face them head-on since they’re more confident of themselves.

Hypnosis can also be utilized to decrease or even get rid of physical pain, which may also prevent you from playing at your best. They also use it in conjunction with other methods of treatments, including medication.

Using Hypnosis Downloads

As mentioned, you can undergo hypnosis by your own efforts or through the help of professionals. The main issue with the latter is that you may have to pay more than a hundred dollars every hour, and since hypnosis is composed of several sessions to make it really work, you have to shell out thousands of dollars for the treatment alone.

Fortunately, there are hypnosis mp3 downloads available. The hypnosis mp3s can be downloaded for free or for a very small fee.

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