Have you ever had a goal you didn't meet? I used to have
so many goals I'd feel overwhelmed. One day, I found a simple
formula that works. Previously, I thought that in order
to accomplish much, the emphasis needed to be on the "doing."

Now I know goals are achieved faster when the "doing" is in
alignment with the "being." To understand how to apply this
shift in your thinking, take a look at these steps ...

Step 1. Select a goal you really, really, really want.

That means it's your goal, not someone else's. It's not a
"should" or a "have to." For the sake of an example, we'll
use having financial independence. Now write down YOUR goal
(what you want to have).

Step 2. Ask yourself, "Who do I have to be right now "to have
financial independence?" (Insert your goal.)

How would I feel if I had it already? How does a prosperous person
think? What is driving this goal? (In most cases, it's wanting
more choices, freedom, love, peace, security, time, etc.) Where
am I already experiencing these things? Write down your answers.

Step 3. Ask yourself, "What one step will I take today?" This
is the doing part of your goal.)

Focus on one step at a time and give it your best. Maybe, your
first step is to practice feeling prosperous by leaving an extra
quarter for your server at a restaurant. Please begin with one
step only; you can add more later!

Step 4. List a minimum of five compelling reasons why this goal
is important to you.

These reasons will fuel your actions.

Step 5. List all the reasons why you believe accomplishing the
above goal is possible for you.

Think of others who have already accomplished this goal. If they
can do it, so can you!

It is essential that this exercise be done in written form, not
just in your head. Why? Because as human beings we achieve
laser-like focus through the process of expressing our thoughts
on paper. It greatly improves our clarity and concentration.

Consider partnering with a friend, co-worker or coach to hold
you accountable to your goal. Don't force yourself, just have
fun with it.

Wishing you the best of success!


Author's Bio: 

Barbara McRae, MCC, author and radio show host, is Founder and Director of Savvy Success LLC (www.TheSavvySuccessCoach.com ) and its affiliate companies. She is also the Chief Knowledge Officer of SmartMirage.com, a purpose-filled coaching company. She specializes in coaching GEN Y, business owners and self-employed professionals to create a meaningful life. She regularly appears online, in print, and in the media.