As a golf lover, you must have collected all kinds of golf tips to improve your game. Some golf pros or coach may introduce a lot of skills about swing or grip and also some golf exercise everything you want to know in their books. However, are the tips really help you on your golf game? I don't think so. The common knowledge from the so called golf pros may not helpful to your game, it may also cause your major frustration and higher scores.

There is a lot of well meaning golf instruction in the market place today that simply will not help your game; in fact a lot of what's out there will hinder you as you try to improve your golf. You may not believe what I am saying, but I think the positives of letting people know the truth about some of the mis-information out there will far outweigh any industry fall-out that I might receive from those instructors with stepped-on toes.

When some host of golf instruction gurus tells his touring professional student to delay the rotation of the left hip, or to increase the width of your swing at the top, or to delay the release as long as possible, or any other flavor of the day type golf tips, he or she is talking with someone who is a professional, who practices hours on end, and who has an unbelievably acute feel for their own golf swing. This person also plays golf for a living. This is a completely different scenario than trying to teach a low, mid, or high handicap player or a beginner. These types of tips can absolutely wreak havoc on your golf swing。 Golf is a difficult game to play at the highest levels, but, having said that, it is not a complicated game to play. Most modern day instruction is hard for me to understand and I've been teaching the game for 20 years. In order to excel, you have to free your mind of complicated mechanical thoughts and learn to simply swing the golf club. Until you change the way you think about playing the game, change the fundamental way you look at golf instruction, and realize that you have to forget mechanics, you'll never play up to your full potential as a golfer.

Start the club back online, doesn’t turn sway, pull down with the left hand to start the down swing, transfer my weight to my left foot, and roll my wrists at impact, head behind the ball. How can you even take the club back with all these mechanical thoughts you've picked up over the years racing through your head. You may don't believe the mechanics can help your game. The answer to my question is you can't! You simply cannot swing the club effectively with all that garbage running through your mind, distracting you from what's most important. It’s sad, but it's absolutely true that thousands of people quit the game we all love every year, most out of sheer frustration.

If you have fallen into this trap of believing that mechanical tips, swing analysis, and pounding golf ball after golf ball on the driving range are the answers to your problems, you are destined to be frustrated forever. Golf should be fun not frustrating and when you learn to forget mechanics and start playing the game via feel and sight, it will be fun and you'll shoot better scores.

What you should do firstly you have to be able to differentiate fact from fiction when reading, listening to. or watching golf instruction. Next, you have to forget all the theories, mechanical thoughts, and myths and focus on what is important to your game. Focus on the things that are important for you to play better. Focus on your swing path and the moment of truth impact. Tie swing path and impact into your target-line and you're well on your way to longer, straighter shots, and lower scores.

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