You have a product or service that solves a problem and that people need, and you want to share that.

But then it comes down to communicating with your target market... that's where you get stuck. You have to write blog posts, ezine articles, sales pages, campaign emails, affiliate materials... the list goes on. You have trouble taking that concept of your valuable product or service and confidently and powerfully communicating it.

You feel like you are not connecting with your market. (And you're not.)

You don't feel like anything you have to say is worth reading. (It's not UNworthy; it just needs more of you.)

You doubt that anyone cares, will buy, will sign up... (And you will have fewer sales and sign-ups to your list-because they won't feel compelled. They won't believe. Because you don't.)

And so you stay small. Which gets you nowhere.

Sure, there are models and templates to help you with the technical aspects of what you need to write. But here's one thing they don't do: they don't have room for your soul.

THAT - the soul piece - is what's going to allow you to connect, reach more people, make a difference.

To really write from your soul, you have to claim the bigness of who you are and what you do in your business.

Because if there's any part of you that's playing small, wanting to hide, afraid of rejection and what people think, you can't very well write from that place.

So, what if you believed wholeheartedly in yourself?

What if you truly accepted that you and your business are needed in the world?

What if you stood up, shoulders back, chest out, arms open wide and yelled, "I need to be here! The world needs me! Watch out! Here I come!"

What if you chose to give all yourself and put it all out there?

What would your writing look like then?

People will be attracted to you. They'll mimic the woman in When Harry Met Sally: "I want what she's having." They'll watch you. They'll pay attention. They'll take you seriously. They'll notice what you're doing.

So, how do you go from being small to stepping into your bigness?

Be bold. Be brazen. Be you.

Breathe the following statements your body. Let your heart believe them. Act from them.

I am confident in expressing who I am.
I am different from all the others - boldly so.
I am confident in my uniqueness, not ashamed.
I am proud to express that uniqueness, to claim it.
I claim the beauty in me and in what I do.
I am bold. I am brazen. I am me.

When you write from that place, the world is going to stand up and take notice. So feel that, feel that bigness, feel that uniqueness, feel that youness... revel in it.

Do whatever you need to do to be in that place. Journal. Create a soul map. Call your voice mail and record a lovely message about how wonderful you are. Phone a girlfriend and say, "Okay, tell me about my bigness. Tell me what I need to do to be bold, be brazen, be me."

Whatever you need to do to claim how big you are... do that. And then, when you are in that place, write from your soul.

Author's Bio: 

Dawn Shuler, Content Creator Extraordinaire, helps entrepreneurs and authors convey their deep message into compelling words, whether it's marketing material or a book, as well as to create powerful content to increase their credibility, visibility, and profitability. Her soul purpose is to help entrepreneurs unleash their authentic selves into their businesses through their content. She created the Writing From Your Soul system to help business owners connect more powerfully, reach more people, and make a difference. Download the free, 13-step system at