A professional locksmith is your best buddy for a number of situations. The right locksmith is committed to honest and quality work as part of their business strategy. It pays to know a locksmith who offers consistent quality services. Unfortunately, some locksmiths don’t act in the best interests of their customers. These take advantage of the customers’ vulnerability to scam them in various ways. When in need of a locksmith, be aware of these top 5 locksmith scams.

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Quoting low prices

A common locksmith scam is advertising unreasonably low prices for services. This is to trap customers wanting to save as much as possible. These locksmiths charge unbelievably low rates while their service quality might be wanting. Falling for such a service means that you’re to enjoy the high savings in the short term while you’re likely to find yourself requiring the same locksmith service sooner than later. So, you’ll have to fork out more money from your pocket.

Alternatively, phony locksmiths charge low prices only to raise it at the end of the project. This is a good trick since the service can’t be overturned. You’ll have to pay the new quote because the job is already completed. This is likely to put you in an uncompromising situation especially when the bill goes higher and you don’t have enough funds. To save yourself from the headache, it’s better to work with a locksmith who offers a fair quote to cover all job requirements.

Advance payment

Be wary of scammers posing as locksmiths and ask for an advance payment or ask for only cash payment. Paying cash limits chances of disputing the charge on realizing that the locksmith service was substandard. It’s easier for the locksmith to disappear into thin air after you’ve paid them an advance or cash payment without chances of tracing them. These locksmiths usually operate online without a physical business office. a trusted locksmith in Edmond OK offers convenient payment options including Visa and MasterCard. And, the company doesn’t ask for an advance payment before work is completed.

When requesting appropriate services on calling the customer helpline, the representative will give you a free quote. This gives you an idea of how much you’re likely to pay once the job is done. Fortunately, a reliable company won’t ask for any advance payment. After the job is completed, you can pay for the services through any convenient payment method apart from cash payment alone.

Identity theft

This is a serious problem everywhere including in the locksmith industry. There’s a chance of calling for a locksmith and an imposter arrives at your premises. Luckily, there are some handy tips you can use to tell that the technician who has arrived is surely from the agency. The first sign is the locksmith arriving in a branded company vehicle. Go ahead and ask the technician to show you their ID from the company even when dressed in the company uniform. After verifying that the locksmith has arrived in a branded car, dressed in a company uniform, and has a valid ID, you can then let them handle your problem.

Unnecessary replacements

Look out for a locksmith who tells you that the only way to open your car locks or home door is to break the handle. This will make you pay for an overpriced replacement after the locksmith is done. Watch out for this trick because it focuses on making you pay for intentional damage done by the technician. Since the work is already done, you can’t escape paying for all the work done including the replacements and labor costs.

A professional locksmith won’t have to break anything to fix any issue. This is because the technician will arrive in a company vehicle with all appropriate equipment to handle your issue. The locksmith won’t use outlandish methods like drilling to access your home. knowing a professional locksmith is a great idea to ensure that you don’t pay for unnecessary replacements.
Special price for emergency services

Phony locksmiths usually raise their quote after work is completed because it was an emergency. Additionally, these also increase the price to cover for mileage traveled or after-hours services offered. A professional locksmith offers 24/7 services and their initial quote won’t differ significantly from the final quote. The right locksmith understands that customers need assistance any time or day. So, they won’t overcharge you for requesting for their service in the dead of night.

Wrapping up

It pays to know a professional locksmith to call during emergencies. Understanding those common scams will protect you from putting falling into the hands of unqualified locksmiths.

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