Although facial moles are not something we would appreciate having, it is not something that we have control over because they are quite common. You would have to get to know, and familiarize yourself with,the many methods for facial mole removal.

You must first decide on the who and where; do you want a surgeon to perform the treatment, and would you like it done in a hospital or at home? If you choose to deal with a professional, your facial mole removal options are shaving, cryotherapy, excision and cauterization.

Excision involves cutting out the mole with a sharp blade and performing some stitching afterwards. There is a certain payoff to the fact that it is not as expensive: this facial mole removal method has a tendency to leave behind scars that are noticeable. The mole that has been removed will then be sent for diagnosis for any malignancy.

With cauterization, mole removal is done through the use of electrical current. The mole will be burned off by electricity, basically. This is more expensive than excision and is more painful as well. However, when it comes to effectiveness, it is one of the best ways.

Cryotherapy is a very cheap facial removal method that involves freezing the mole by nitrous oxide and thus destroying the mole. But it could bring about side effects such as blistering and other skin irritations. Aside from that, it is considered to be the least effective among all the methods.

In shaving the tool that is used to remove the mole is the scalpel. There will not be any stitching, unlike in the case of excision. The skin will remain intact and there are no risks of acquiring scars. It is, by far, the safest method. But, just like shaving hair, you would be required to keep the shaving at a regular interval ' probably annually ' every time the mole grows back.

Laser mole removal is also hugely popular as a facial mole removal method. It is the most expensive method and no anesthesia is used in making it; however you won't have problems with scarring. Since it is practically painless, people are more inclined to choose it. You won't even feel any of the usual discomforts you get from other methods. However, this method requires several visits to the doctor's, as it does not penetrate deep into the skin to eradicate the mole completely.

There are so many creams out there right now being sold in drugstores that claim to effectively get rid of moles. Different skin types react differently to various creams so despite being cheap, these creams are not guaranteed to be effective across the board.

Among the many factors that should be considered when choosing which facial mole removal method to use include your threshold for pain, your preference when it comes to the use of anesthesia, and your budget. You should also ask yourself whether you want a permanent removal and how much time you need for the mole to vanish completely. Your decision-making process will go smoother with those considerations addressed.

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