Prostatitis is a man's "frequent visitor". When suffering from the disease, men often urinate with pain and discomfort. Therefore, patients with prostatitis are expected to receive treatment as soon as possible. But a lot of patients have some misunderstanding on treating prostatitis. So they should be alert to the erroneous zones of prostatitis treatment.

Erroneous zone one: Microwave and infrared radiation therapy can relieve symptoms at one time.

Microwave and infrared therapy belong to thermal therapy, namely with the function of hyperthermia to promote blood circulation and improve prostate healthy. Extensive use of thermal therapy, which is a mechanical treatment, is not conducive to the elimination of inflammation. It doesn't work all at once, and can not relieve all prostatitis symptoms at one time.

Erroneous zone two: Transurethral perfusion is effective without any side effects.

Transurethral perfusion therapy involves the delivery of drugs with a tube through the urethra into the prostate gland to eliminate inflammation. Although the operation is simple, it is easy to cause urethral stricture, with symptoms such as holding back urine and urination pain. The damage to the urethra is permanent. So patients with prostatitis should consider it seriously.

Erroneous zone three: Injection therapy takes effect quickly and has the best effect.

Although injection therapy for prostatitis can quickly make drugs reach the effective parts, it has high surgical requirements due to the need for repeated punctures. Once there is a improper operation, it will be easy to cause bacterial infection, thereby causing bacterial prostatitis. Repeated punctures can also cause damage to the prostate gland, forming scleroma.

Erroneous zone four: Surgery for prostatic distraction is the best solution to a blocked urinary tract.

Usually, a catheter is placed across the urethra in the prostatic urethra. After distraction, the prostate gland is propped open, to smooth the urine flow. But in fact, this method is more likely to cause urethral damage and urinary incontinence, which is risking being wiped out by the medical market. For patients with prostatitis, they should determine whether this method is needed based on their own conditions.

It is hoped that all patients with prostatitis do not fall into these erroneous zones when treating the disease, and choose the most suitable method for treatment, so as to ensure the curative effect and safety of treatment. What's more, there is a great choice for patients with chronic prostatitis, which is the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill with great bactericidal action and the ability to dispel painful symptoms. It has no side effects and can tone up the male urogenital system.

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