Brainiacs Live For “Testing-Pops” to Ace Exams

• The heart of Acing exams is not the text, but taking command of your emotions - first. Why? If you are human, you are stressed-out, full-of-tension, and in high anxiety. Your memory has gone South, and not to Miami.

• Stop now, and take one-minute to close your eyes & take three (3) Diaphragmatic-Breaths, and exhaling, produce the sounds, “Hum-m, Hum-m, Hum-m, & Hum-m, on each breath. Why?

• You switch from your agitated, Sympathetic Nervous System, to
your relaxed, Parasympathetic Nervous System. Takes 45-our

• 1. Every sentence, every clause, has a Core (essence) idea.
Aim to discover the KEY THOUGHTS (IDEAS) in the text, and in the test questions. That’s the Core to ace the exam.

• 2. Find the core-essence & connect (link) it with some knowledge you already know in long-term memory. (What does it remind me of?)

• 3. Making connections between new-and-old information helps build on a solid foundation to Ace tests, plus learn & remember more.

• 4. Mindset: all knowledge is unified, and can be SIMPLIFIED, (learned & remembered), and used to answer questions. Summarize the Key-Points in your own language, & you own it.

• 5. You need a SCHEMA – a format to fill-in-the-blanks. We call it Cause-And-Effect, Trial-And-Error, and Stimulus-And-Response.
Test-yourself. Humans overestimate their memory, write it down and retest your memory.
• 6. “Writing is crystalized thought.” When you scribble down thoughts, you organize them for reason and clarity in an algorithm – step-by-step. Is it ordered, structured, and observable? Much easier to decode and recall.

• Better yet, do you believe you are working on Goals
that are “immediate-and-achievable?”

• 7. Accept this as a Law of Testing: you must read the text three (3) times, and the Questions, five (5) times to ACE it. How?

• We call it: Skimming-Scanning-Screening. We believe in strategies and not philosophy. This requires five-hours to internalize into active knowledge. Contact us for details.

• 8. A) Get into the Flow (Zone) of the exam. You activate a Peak-Performance when you are reading the exam holistically, and not concentrating on decoding and remembering every word of text.

• How? Speed-Up, don’t slow-down your reading speed. That’s what gets results – the B-I-G Picture.

• 9. B) Create your mental Intention (willpower is located two-inches above your left-eyebrow & called left-dorso-lateral-Pre-Frontal Cortex) for discovering the answers to the questions.
Read with a specific-purpose, to find the location in the text of the answers to the test Questions.
• 10. C) When you read TEXT, you are gathering-data OR Thinking and Analyzing. Remember the Law of Suppression: you cannot effectively do BOTH. Either you are taking-in the information, or you are into thought-and-analysis.

• You can switch from one to the other instantaneously, but NOT do both simultaneously.

• 11. You cannot remember what you don’t understand. Memory is only retained after we decode what we read or hear. So, first comes comprehension.

• Your secret to success is following a fast-track of “organization” (of the text & questions), and focusing your “concentration” on the text & questions.

• You balance, align and center your left-and-right brains by controlling your Emotions, and visualizing Mental-Pictures of acing the exam. The strategy (schema) is intentionally
S-M-I-L-I-N-G for seventeen (17) seconds.

Why? It balances both brains, and relaxes you. Scientists call it

• 12. Focus your burning “desire” on acing this exam. Your desire creates a deep interest, and your conscious-willpower puts forth
a powerful concentration. It’s baby-easy, and that’s what gets results.

Endwords: Just a few lines, which if you choose to remember, gets you in the flow, and having a Peak-Performance.

“It aint what you DO, it’s the WAY that you do it.”
“It aint what you GOT, it’s the way that you USE it.”
“It aint what you SAY, it’s the TIME that you say it.”
That’s what gets results, Easy-Breezy, that’s what gets results.”

See ya,

Copyright © H. Bernard Wechsler

Author's Bio: 

H. Bernard Wechsler, business partner of Evelyn Wood, the
creator of Speed Reading, graduating 2-million, including the White House staffs of four U.S. Presidents.
Educational Director of workshops held at Columbia University, NYC.