JBL e45bt test || on ear headphones test

You'll be pleased with the E45BT's bass-forward sound signature, which is deep and punchy without sounding too boomy

I've also seen a couple of TV shows checking how well-balanced the sound is, because today we use headphones just as frequently for video streaming as we do for music. When I watched an episode of "Star Trek: Discovery," I found that the action scenes were not too loud and the high-end frequencies were pretty clear. In certain sequences, a deeper bass would have added to the overall experience, but the sound was still decent. In a series of "Riverdale" I found the dialogue and background songplay to be well balanced and crisp.

If I compared the E45BT to the Sony Sonys extra bass MDR-XB650BT wireless headphones, I'd rather go with JBL just because Sony's headphones have a bit too much extra bass for my taste, and that makes the sound much less accurate than the E45BT , Of course, those looking for booming bass can choose the MDR-XB650BT because it has about the same price for about 6,800 rupees.

With the E45BT you can connect two devices at the same time. So you can plug in the headphones, for example, to use a tablet and a phone, and easily switch between them. Switching takes about a few seconds, which is seamless enough. When you watch a movie on your tablet and receive a call, the headset switches to the phone while your movie is paused.
Battery: Enough to guide you through the week and beyond

Apart from the sound, the E45BT headphones also deliver on battery power. The company promises a battery life of about 16 hours, and the headphones fulfill this promise for the most part. The life of the headphones was about 10 days, when they were worn at above average volume for about 1-2 hours a day. While most headphones promise up to 20 hours, the E45BT convinces with a good 16 hours in terms of its form factor.

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