When it comes to buying a new bathroom vanity, you have your work cut out for you. There's a lot to consider and keep in mind. For starters, the existing décor of your bathroom will dictate the style of vanity you should get. If you have a very modern look, you need to get a modern bathroom vanity. If your bathroom style is more antique, then find an antique bathroom vanity. But looks aren't everything. You also need to consider if you want a single or double basin vanity, how many drawers you want, placement for the vanity mirror, etc.

Then consider the materials for the vanity countertops. Bathroom vanities generally have countertops made of hardwood, marble, and granite. The organic materials selected for the countertops must intermingle with the vanity cabinet instead of making a vast statement, so raw stone and glass are outstanding selections. Vanities constructed from hardwood with granite countertops also look customary and gorgeous. No matter whatever material is chosen, the price should never make you compromise on quality.

And match the style with the rest of the house. Appropriate bathroom vanity should be designed to merge with the existing theme of the bathroom. A small bathroom will look elegant with the integral sink, while a large bathroom can look modern with a vessel sink, which sit on top of the cabinet. Before choosing the right materials, make sure that everything goes together well aesthetically. Chrome and glass for modern bathroom vanities or fine woods for traditional bathroom vanities are the norms.

Finally, think about the functionality. My advice is to write down questions that you can ask yourself about every vanity. Things like: does it have enough cabinets? Or does it have too much? Is the window placing to your liking? Will I be able to use the cabinets and shelves effectively so I don't end up with too much extra space? Questions like these are vital to write down. However, one point to make is that if you come up with a large extensive list then it will take ages before you actually find one that's to your liking. So be flexible and ignore unimportant questions.

You could, in fact, design your own bathroom vanity and order it which will save you time and get you one that (hopefully) you like, however, this is quite expensive and sometimes very unnecessary. Another cheaper alternative is to buy online. This has its faults too because of camera lenses and color contrast; it can make a vanity unit much more appealing than it truly is. Just remember whether you buy it online or design it yourself it should match your bathroom and your preference.

You'll find that each style has its own unique manner and highlights. The one thing you want to steer clear of is mixing, unlike styles. For example, if you have a very contemporary look in your bathroom, don't try to make an antique-styled vanity fit. Match colors and styles as closely as you can.

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