To keep a lid on your budget, and prevent it from going down the drain, sit down with a bathroom renovation expert, plan the layout, its design, and fixtures; in the budget, you feel comfortable! 

If you believed that renovating your bathroom space will make you all star-eyed, its cost would quickly drag you down to the base.

A remodel, by definition entails- making considerable changes to space but stopping short of tearing down the walls! And, as obvious, it’s the cost is hardly set in stone, thus making it difficult to calculate.

Factors such as where you live, the size of your bathroom, how much changes you desire, what materials, fixtures and appliances you choose, the renovation specialist you hire, and so on! Also; you need to check if specific permits are needed.

Here’s Breaking Down The Remodel Cost for You:-

When breaking down the cost of a bathroom remodel, the single biggest cost factor is the labour. Approximately 20-25% of the cost should be kept for your renovation specialists in Gold Coast and beyond. And with good reasons too!

Bathroom renovation is not an easy DIY task to accomplish. You need professional expertise, and knowledge to keep the whole project on track, avoid mistakes from happening and tackling with other issues that keep popping up.

Medium-large sized vanities and cabinets are the 2nd biggest expense. It should not go any more than 16-18% of the total project cost. Tubs, toilets, fixtures, faucets, and plumbing come soon after with 14-15%.

How to Plan Your Remodel?

Step 1:- Set Sights On Added Functionality & Comfort.

Decide whether you want to opt for a refresh or a full-fledged remodel to achieve an attractive and practical result. You can also discuss with your renovation specialist about adding modern light fixture, resurfacing cabinets, a fresh lick of paint to infuse new life into your bathroom space, without breaking your bank.

Contrarily, if your bathroom space is ill-conditioned, then a full-fledged remodel should be the way to go.

Step 2:- Make A Wish-List Of The Have & Have-nots.

Planning a proper budget is step two to accomplishing quality renovations. And to do that; you need to make a wish-list of what you want to add. Once you get a solid estimate, add the installation cost, and get a rough estimate.

Step 3:- Aim To Prioritise Improvements.

When planning a budget-friendly bathroom renovation, it is difficult to include everything. So, focus on those aspects that call for immediate improvements or replacements. Once they are dealt with, move over to other aspects as soon as you get the rest of the cash available.

Step 4:- Choose Budget-friendly Alternatives.

You can also opt for budget-friendly alternatives (which mind you are just as good as the other). Example- choosing for vinyl plank floors over tile or picking stock fixtures in place of custom pieces.

Discuss all your project requirements with your chosen professional specialising in bathroom renovations in Gold Coast. Having helped so many other homeowners with their budgeted renovations, they will help you come up with a cost-effective remodel plan, including your customised requirements.

So, speak to one such expert in your area, or request for their service quote.

Author's Bio: 

The author by profession specializes in budget bathroom renovations in clients in Gold Coast and beyond. The author works together with other renovation specialists in Gold Coast, delivering top-services to everyone.