If you’re looking to add a new offering – a new workshop, free Webinar, or something else – take a look back at how you started to create something of value.

When I was asked recently to teach high-level executives the basics of writing emails, thank you letters, newsletters, and reports, I thought this would be easy-peasy. Then I second-guessed myself when I thought these executives should know the basics. What could I possibly teach them?

When you’re starting in business, there’s so much to learn. In addition to all the sales and marketing components, you often need practice getting out of your comfort zone to do the things you don’t normally do. And often, that can come to writing well.

These executives are used to managing vast groups of people and ensuring everything runs like a well-oiled machine. So, as they continued to up-level themselves for their roles, the very basics of writing may have been left behind.

That means I can look back at writing basics and share my talents in an engaging, informative, and fun way. And a new program emerged.

When I shared this experience in a YouTube video, another offer came to teach a team of young techies. There is a demand for the basics!

Create a live bootcamp, an online workshop, or a video series. There’s a myriad of options. And you don’t have to settle on just one. When it comes to creating your new program, here are my 4 steps to make it simple.

Step 1 – Create Your Marketing Promotions

If someone has come to you asking to deliver a workshop, you can skip this. However, you may be asked to put a proposal together, so you’ll want to outline your deliverables, so they know what they’ll be getting for their money.

Step 2 – Determine the Delivery Method & Set Up Logistics

Are you creating an in-person workshop or a Zoom live experience? Or possibly, a video series you’ll see online? Once you’ve determined how you’ll deliver your program, you’ll need to look at booking the venue or verifying shipping rates, if necessary, or setting up conference call lines.

Step 3 – Set Your Price & Get Paid

Your price will be determined by the content, the value you’re giving, the delivery model, and the associated amenities. Once you’ve come up with your price, you need to know how you’ll be paid. This could be as easy as someone sending an e-transfer, or perhaps you’ll need to set up PayPal, a shopping cart, or other e-commerce system. Whichever way you do it, be sure to test it!

Step 4 – Create the Product or Program

Yes, this comes at the end. Once you know that you have customers, you’ll get down to work to create and fine-tune the program, so it’s ready on time.

This could be one of the easiest programs you’ve ever created – and one of the most valuable for others. Take a look back at your basics because they aren’t basic for everyone, then let the magic happen.

Author's Bio: 

Susan Regier, owner of Vantage One Writing, is an in-demand copywriter, marketing strategist, and business breakthrough specialist to ambitious entrepreneurs who want to have a profitable business they are passionate about. She has the uncanny ability to find the hidden gems in a business that can ignite sales and profits for her clients. Claim your free guide: 15 Tips to Increase Your Influence, Attract More Clients & Make More Money at https://SusanRegier.com.