Have you heard about the word refugee? Sometimes people get confused about asylum-seeker and the refugee. Asylum-seekers are those who say that he or she is a refugee. But these are the person whose claim has not yet been evaluated. Refugees are the people forced to flee his or her country because of various reasons like war, violence, or persecution. Asylum is granted to them who have been persecuted and have a fear that they will be persecuted on account of religion, race, or Nationality.

If someone wants to claim asylum in the UK, then the question arises on how to claim asylum in the UK? Anyone is allowed to claim asylum in any country. But the state may lawfully remove the asylum seeker to the third safe country on the basis that they cloud claim asylum there. The UK is a safe country, and just because here, the law towards the asylum seekers is strict. Depending on the method of transit UK is the first country where the person has the reasonable opportunity to claim the asylum. Talking about article 33 in the UK where the convention prohibits the “refoulement” of refugees. According to this, refugees are not supposed to be shifted to the place or country where their life or freedom is on risk on account of race, religion, Nationality. Sometimes membership of the particular social group or political opinion also becomes a reason behind the removal of the refugees. But according to the convention, it’s all not considered.

Securing equal treatment of the refugees and issuing the special travel documents to refugees that are considered instead of their national passport. The convention imposes these obligations on states also. The result of the convention is now the states are determined asylum claims made by anyone within their territories. So, laws in the UK made it a safe country to claim asylum.

Basics of asylum:

The benefits of applying for asylum are significant; the person who receives asylum can bring their family to a particular country. After one of having the asylum person becomes eligible for the green card. He or she is also eligible for the work permit 150 days after submitting an asylum application. Applying for asylum is very simple; one can hire an experienced attorney to handle all the procedures of the asylum claim. A Form I-589 is required to be submitted during the initial. Reasons and personal details are required, and it is a good idea to give the written statements.

During the war, violence and other reasons people have to leave their country, but shifting to another country means lots of fear, whether it is safe or not. Nowadays, it is quite easy and safe to claim asylum as a particular law is made for the refugee for their safety. If you are a genuine refugee, then your claim will not be rejected. But it is not accepted when one applies for the asylum, and before your claim is determined, you shift from one country to another.

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