The Basset Hound grows longer than it does taller – it stands at an average of 15 inches and weighs an average of 55 pounds. With the given figures, you could easily say that it's built quite stocky, but can move a lot better than it seems capable of. This breed has long floppy ears with a slightly wrinkled face and legs that are kinda short; which is sometimes perceived by some people to be a big hot dog with tiny legs. If you find that to be cute, then based on its appearance, it could probably be the right dog for you.

But everybody knows that picking a pet for its looks isn't right, many ending up in a situation that's awkward or even miserable. Getting stuck with the wrong choice happens all the time; buying something before knowing everything about it usually is the main cause of this. The smarter move would be to do some research on the animals temperament and internal attributes first – that way you'll know exactly what you'll be getting yourself into/stuck with. Here I'll state some important qualities that this breed possesses; that way you will have something to think about which could probably help you make up your mind now.

The Basset Hound is very peaceful, the odds of it getting very rowdy or being hyperactive in a destructive manner are relatively low. In other words, most members of this breed are “cool”, even in some situations where other dogs would panic. This doesn't mean that it's boring, this pooch loves playing with its human owners or just being with them. Owners of this breed find themselves being tailed constantly, as if it were their tails. They just don't like being left alone, so having another pet in the house to keep it company while you're out may be necessary.

Another thing to consider before getting a Basset Hound is the amount of food it can consume, which is plenty. It'll devour almost everything you put in its bowl, therefore it's vital that you control this pets diet. Meals should be divided equally into three, by doing so you'd be helping it out with its digestion. Each meal should contain all the nutrition that it'll need for the day, plus a bowl of water to keep it hydrated. Do not leave food on tables – they have a great sense of smell, and will use the length of their bodies to reach it.

It won't only make a mess while doing so but gain more weight, which would cause it to bloat and lead to numerous health problems. Like all pets, exercise will be needed – there is no such thing as a pooch that can go on without it. Taking it out on walks or short jogs daily would be enough, running won't be necessary and would be very hard if you tried anyway because of the length of its legs. Training a Basset Hound could be harder than training the other breeds. To make things easier for the both of you, start young; be firm yet gentle, keep sessions daily starting and ending at the same times, short yet fun and exciting.

Using rewards and praises will motivate it to learn faster – you'd be maximizing your time and efforts. Grooming is easy; short hair won't require much brushing and will need bathing only when needed/it starts smelling funny. Pay close attention to its ears though, long and floppy ears trap dirt and build-up wax easily. Follow everything stated and you'll be fine – these are only the basic characteristics of the Basset Hound, so if it wasn't enough to make you decide whether or not you'll get one, do more research.

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