Are you the owner of a small business, an entrepreneur or an independent consultant? If the answer is yes then you surely need to handle business events from time to time. Here are a few tips that should help you handle a business event successfully and get the most out of it with as little effort as possible:

1. The date

In case you need to hold business events you should ask everyone who will attend what dates work best for them. In case you are inviting too many people and it is impossible for you to ask all of them you should get the opinions of everyone working on the organization of the event at the very least. In case you are hoping to get many people to come from faraway destinations you should not plan an event for the coldest winter months since traveling might be a problem. You should also check whether something else is going to be taking place in your area at the same time. You might not be able to pick a date when nothing else is happening, but try to avoid the dates when there are important events that can draw people away from you.

2. The location

When it comes to business events, you should always pick the place where they are held carefully in order to make a good impression on your clients or anyone attending the event. In case you choose to hold the event in the meeting room of a hotel, you will need to pay for the rental of the room as well as for the food, decorations and everything else. Unless you are planning on many people coming to your event, this might make you charge your guests more than they are willing to afford to pay. This might lead to losing attendants. A better choice would be a restaurant which has a private room. It will be cheaper and the atmosphere will be great if you choose the right place for the style of the event you are hosting.

3. The menu

Most of the restaurants which allow the option to come with a group have their special group menus that allow each of the guests to pick from three meals. Sometimes you will be able to pick from different menus that come at different prices so that you can think about your budget and choose the most suitable option. Some guests might turn out to have some dietary restrictions, so you should make sure that there is an option to get special meals for them.

4. The speaker

When it comes to business events, it is important to have a good speaker. One of the options is to choose your best employee for the task and rely on them. The other option is to always hire a professional speaker for your business events. In case you cannot afford the fee you might consider letting the speaker promote their own products at your event in order to not pay a fee.

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Simon Jackson loves to share useful tips about planning business events (in Danish the term is Planlæg firmaevents). If you do not know from where to start you can try Event Republic