There should be a careful selection of the words in criminal justice essay, whether you are composing a thesis statement, arguments, introduction etc. an essay writer should be able to express his ideas with clever use of words. The best way for writing a perfect essay is to visualize it first in to an organized manner that is first draw an outline or structure for persuasive criminal justice essay.

This following informational text would be providing you with the basic structure for writing criminal justice essay.

Basic structure for writing criminal justice essay


An introduction is the next important thing after the topic of an essay which comprises of the two major statements that is the thesis statement and an opening statement.

Opening statement:

Opening statement will inaugurate your criminal justice essays so it should clearly tell the reader about message that the student want to convey through the essay.

Thesis statement:

Thesis statement should be written in not more than three sentences which will be describing the central idea of the criminal justice essay. It has been seen that people get confused or sometimes think that opening statement and thesis statement are same, but the matter of the fact is it is totally wrong. Thesis statement tells the purpose of the essay and opening statement begins the essay. It is also possible that opening statement is used in the place of thesis statement but most of the time they are two separate statements in the introduction of the essay.

Body paragraphs:

Mention at least three arguments in order to support the thesis statement in each paragraph and make sure that there are at least three body paragraphs and each of the body paragraphs should comprise of the following three elements.

•The main objective of the argument

•Topic sentence that will be supporting your argument

•Proofs that will be supporting your argument


Mentioning the main idea of the criminal justice essay along with the restatement of the thesis statement would be called as a perfect conclusion; there are other types of conclusions as well like finally asking a question to the readers that what do they think about the subject? Etc then there is summary conclusion where you will provide a short summary of the whole essay. No, matter what type of the conclusion you are writing, the only thing you need to keep in mind that it is wrapping up your work in a perfect way.

The introduction, body and conclusion is the standard writing format for any type of essay, if you will follow this simple format you will surely end up with a good criminal justice essay. Just make sure you are using good vocabulary has no slang in it which students usually uses in the essay to show their style.

Therefore, if you are about to write criminal justice essay, it is advisable that you studies a great amount of material on the subject of criminal justice and follow the preceding structure for writing criminal justice essay.

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