You would be somewhat surprised to know that just about every day across the globe around 7,000 people are injured in some auto injury or the other.

However, it is not necessarily in your control whether you are in an accident or not. It just simply isn’t. So, what do you essentially do when you or someone else is caught in an accident? What are the basic steps that you should be taking to recover from an auto injury?

Generally, the wounds from these kinds of accidents can range from a minor scrapes to even major injuries. And it must also be understood that every accident affects every single body part in a slightly different way.

If The Injury Is On Head – What to do if you or someone whom you may be knowing gets caught in an accident? And injures their head. It might have been owing to a windshield, side window and any other object. Generally, many of the times the head injury is a concussion which is caused by a blow to the head. And what mainly happens in this case is that, the brain bounces in the very inside of the human skull which can cause chemical changes and sort of fluctuations. For this, you should be checking your symptoms such as headache, neck pain and dizziness.

  • What You Should Do? – Going to a health professional is the first step for recovering from a car accident. For this, the primary treatment would be requiring a great amount of concentration. When it comes to mild form of concussions then most of the patients would notice their symptoms lowering from 2 to 3 weeks.

If the Injury Is On Face – What happens when the injury is on the face of the driver or the people who were in the car? Face injury can affect the teeth, and the skin or even the eyes.

  • What You Should Do? – The first and foremost step would be to go to a doctor. It may be required that the cuts may require stiches and even bandages. And in worse cases, even a surgery may be needed. And the recovery time will be varying from the nature of the injury. It may happen that the injury may take up a few days or it may even take a few weeks to heal. And if you have been in an auto injury in Aurora then you will be finding many doctors for healing purposes.

If the Injury is On the Neck – The possibility of your neck snapping out in a car accident is quite high. The injuries in this case may range from a mild pain to even a dislocation in the vertebrae.

  • What You Should Do? – If you are having a mild neck pain then the normal pain relievers will also do quite good. However, if the problem is quite serious then you may require a surgery. If the symptoms are quite deep then the recovery time will be varying according to its natural time frame.

If the Injury Is Related To Rib Cage – When we are in the car then there might be a possibility of incurring an injury in the rib cage. As most of us are tied with the seat belt, which is for the purpose of keeping our bodies safe. For instance, if you are caught in a major accident then what will happen is that your own body weight will quickly press it forward against you and this can damage your collar bone.

  • What You Should Do? If you break your collarbone during an accident then it may heal on its own given enough and required time. However, if the damage is more extensive then it may take longer than that. On a normal basis, the healing process would take somewhere between 6-16 weeks.

If the Injury is On the Spinal Cord – No doubt, that the injuries related to back and spinal cord can be quite traumatic, in fact, it won’t be wrong to say that it would be among the most traumatic. It may happen so that owing to the movement of the car that particularly your disc may shift or even the bones may be fractured.

And it may also happen so that because of the injuries of the spine you may harm your back muscles as well possibly straining them or hurting them badly.

  • What You Should Do? If you have come across a minor pain then the regular ice and even heat application might work wonders for you. However, if it doesn’t then you will have to see your physician or a chiropractor and see what is essentially wrong with you. If you are having a minor problem then the pain will wither away in a few weeks. However, if not then this might be a bigger problem for you. And if you are undergoing surgery then it will at least take you 3-4 months to fully repair.

Conclusion: Recovering from an injury is not that easy especially if it had risen from a car accident. The range of the injuries can be extensive and also minor. And it would be depending on this particular fact, it would be decided that how long it would exactly take for the healing process.

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