Did you know that the revenue generated from enterprise mobile app development and service is expected to reach $430 billion by 2021? These statistics published in a report by ABI Research highlight the bright prospects of the custom mobile app development industry. While the exploding demand for app development, the number of development companies competing for a share in this pie is also rising fast.

So, how do you stand out and grab the attention of enterprises looking to hire dedicated mobile app developers? How do you convince them that you have the perfect team that can build the most awesome mobility solutions? Randomly sending out emails or posting on social media may not yield results.

So, here are some steps to effectively market your app development company.

Address the Business Goals of the Enterprise Customer

The enterprise customer may be looking for customer-facing or employee-facing apps. Both of these solutions are built with different objectives, which can alter the features required. The business goals of a customer-facing app could be to increase sales, improve customer service and satisfaction and/or retain loyal customers. On the other hand, the business goals of an employee-facing app could be to increase productivity, enhance communication, cut costs and/or improve employee engagement.

Remember that the enterprise customer is looking for a “solution”. So, have a deep understanding of the different objectives of enterprise customers and address these on your website, email marketing campaign and any other marketing activity you undertake. Before pitching your strengths as a custom mobile app development company, try to convey to your prospective clients that you understand their business goals.

Address the Greatest Pain-Points of the Enterprise Customer

You may have a great team that’s capable of building strong mobility solutions. But bear in mind that there are hundreds of companies with similar capabilities. So, the enterprise customer won’t have much trouble finding a skilled and experienced team to hire dedicated mobile app developers. So, the greatest pain-point doesn’t involve getting a high-quality app created. The greatest pain-point is getting a high-quality solution ready very, very fast. Time is of the great essence since an enterprise customer may be operating in a highly competitive landscape and the deployed a powerful mobility solution could provide a much-needed edge.

How do you develop and deploy a mobility solution 10 times faster than other custom mobile app development companies? It’s by using a MADP (mobile app development platform). This platform offers a wide range of pre-developed business modules that can be easily chosen and technology components can be integrated to the app being created by a simple drag and drop approach. The modules are built with clean code and best industry practices. Moreover, they are completely bug-free. Such a platform can be used to build a complex enterprise mobility solution within 4-6 weeks. And, it’s possible to offer your customer a high-quality solution that’s customized to their unique ecosystem.

Partner with the Best Technology Platform

Again, there are hundreds of custom mobile app development companies out there claiming to have the skills and experience required to deliver a quality mobility solution. Enterprises looking to hire dedicated mobile app developers greatly value any technology advice your team can offer to hone their solution. So, you need to get involved right from the strategy stage.

The one thing that enterprises fear most is the thought of having to chase development companies if a need arises after the app has been deployed. After all, the app may need some updates as technology evolves or the client’s needs change. So, invest in a great customer support team and let your client know that your team won’t disappear right after deployment. Show your commitment to being available through the lifecycle of the app.

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