Larimar is a rare gemstone found only in the Dominican Republic. The word Larimar is derived from the Spanish word "La piedra Maria" or "the stone of Mary", which alludes to its connection to the Virgin Mary. 

Experts claim that Larimar has the power to soothe and heal emotional wounds, stabilize mood swings and negative emotions, release blocked energy and relieve tension.

Larimar is the gemstone of the ocean. The calming blue color is said to invoke the emotions of purity and serenity. It is available in shades that are vivid blue, insipid-blue, sky blue, greenish blue or hazel, with a fine texture and an intermixture of white crystals. It was discovered in 1974 by geologist Manuel Garcia Rodriguez and named after his granddaughter Larissa Mora Rodriguez.  

Its crystal appearance should not be confused with the blue variety of its sibling mineral pectolite. The structural composition of both is similar, but Larimar has a more complex crystal structure making it much rarer. It occurs in underwater volcanic beds under high pressure for millions of years.

In the last few years, Larimar has become one of the most popular gemstones in the world. Today, larimar is mined and distributed by a number of mining companies. 

Larimar Healing Benefits

Larimar is a beautiful stone found in nature. It was discovered along with pectolite, which is another fantastic healing stone that came from the Dominican Republic. Larimar is found a lot on beaches and other coastal parts of the country. It is a rare stone that has many positive effects on the body, mind, and soul. 

Larimar is a gorgeous, opaque blue stone with a look that seems almost extraterrestrial. This stone is very popular due to its healing properties and lovely appearance.

The following are some of the benefits of larimar gemstone:

1) Physical

Larimar is a calm stone, helpful when you're in situations that involve being stressed. It can also reduce anger and its negative health effects on your body. Use it for calming anxious thoughts and to help your nervous system grant you peace of mind. 

2) Mental

Larimar is one of the most wonderful crystal varieties on the market today. It is soothing, calming, and very easy to work with. Larimar gets its name from the island in the Caribbean where it was first found. 

The mystical energy of Larimar lifts your spirits, brings calm and eliminates fear of all kinds. It is particularly helpful for those who have suffered loss or trauma such as an accident or a sudden and unexpected death

This kind of extreme experience can leave you feeling damaged, broken, or helpless. Larimar helps you heal by bringing joy back into your life and helping to rebuild your damaged self-esteem.

3) MetaPhysical

 Larimar, also known as Pectolite, works on the throat chakra. Working on the throat chakra boosts our intuition and helps us feel calm in our presence. In essence, it will help raise our consciousness by expanding our perception. 

Larimar has a soft ocean blue color that is reminiscent of cool breeze blowing over water. It reminds us that there's always a flow, especially when we are at peace and connected to ourselves. It will help you transverse to divine wisdom through your voice and make it resonate from the core of your being.

Larimar combines the healing energy of turquoise and the warmth of pectolite to form a stone that calms the emotional body while boosting intuitive communication and intellect.

4) Zodiac

Born in the month of March? This is your birthstone! Well, at least it should be if you believe the whole "once upon a time" fairy tale about birthstones. Since larimar was only discovered in the last couple of decades, most people still don't know what this gemstone is. And those who do — well let's just say they are very discerning and need to experience their Larimar jewelry to see what all the fuss is about.

It is a stone which brings together both fire and water to create one of the most beautiful, calming stones on the market. Not only is it a gentle stone which encourages calm and peace, it has a strong connection with love.


Larimar is light and water, it is cleansing and calm, stillness and softness. For those who want to bring more of that restorative energy into their world, this dreamy dolphin stone could just be the one. Ever ready to help us overcome those patterns of self-sabotage, nurture our joy, and find the path of love and communication, let Larimar be your guiding star.

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