So you are all new to this commercial printing gig? Well, it is easy to learn really, and in truth dealing with a commercial printer is a cinch. Let me get down to the steps of basic commercial printing for you so that you can learn quickly how to work through the process. It is easy and you should be printing your own commercial business prints in no time at all. So read the list below and discover what you will need to do.

1. Choosing the right printer – First we will go through choosing the right commercial printing company for you. You should have many choices outright. There should be a couple of those services in your area, and of course you can also go online to look for an online commercial printing service. There are a few key things you should remember when choosing a commercial printer.

a. Price – Do not just go for the first one with an affordable price. Shop around and see who might be able to match and even do a better quotation from that first firm.

b. Quality – Look for printing samples. You do not want to hire printers that only produce low quality prints.

c. Guarantees – Only go for the printers with service guarantees. This assures you of a better experience in commercial printing.

d. Ease of service – The printer should be able to support online or over the phone transactions. You do not want to be spending extra time and money going to the printing office just to place orders.

2. Preparing your designs right – Next step, once you have chosen your printer is to prepare the designs right. It is your responsibility of course to prepare your designs properly for printing. The commercial printing service will only do some light checks for you, but it is you who will ultimately decide about your design. Make sure that that you check the following:

a. Templates – Make sure you are using the proper template for your material.

b. Colors – Make sure that you are using full color graphics set to CMYK.

c. Resolution – Be sure to use drafts at 300dpi or higher for the best printing results.

d. Errors – Triple check your designs and make sure that there are no errors.

3. Setting the right materials – Once you are okay with your design, do not forget to choose the right paper and ink materials for your prints. While it is possible to let the commercial printing service choose this for you, if you want to develop your own kinds of materials and optimize your costs, you will want to choose this all by yourself.

The best option here would be to choose something with a good thickness that is appropriate for your prints. Use glossy coatings for the paper to protect it from moisture, and if possible use high quality grade inks that do not fade or turn runny easily. If possible, spend as much as you can on material quality to get the best looking prints that you want.

4. Getting the right printing deal – Finally, before the actual printing, make sure that you will be getting the right printing deal. If your order is a bit large, get the bulk discount offers. If there is some kind of delivery package or other type of promotional deals, then you should also take on those offers as well. There are lots of opportunities for discounts or freebies today, and it is good for you to be always on the lookout for them. Start your order once you get the best deal that you can get.

5. Receiving and distributing those commercial prints – With that, you can then set your order and then wait to receive your commercial prints. Remember that you can specify the exact address and even the exact day of the delivery of your prints.

In fact, you can even have your prints distributed to several key locations that you want such as your special business branches. Many commercial printers can offer this kind of delivery service, so do not worry about the logistics of it.

So that is your average and basic steps for commercial printing. It is easy enough to follow for anyone. Good luck!

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