You’ve booked your BARCELONA ACCOMMODATION but don’t plan on spending too much time in it as the night time comes alive around ten o’clock. The restaurants are usually still open but a lot of the shops are closed so buy all you need before heading out for the evening as it may be the next day before you see it again. The entertainment venues of Barcelona are often compared with those in Ibiza which attracts large youngish crowds. They can be from any walk of life, any age or taste; after all you can be young at heart as well.

With a variety of world class clubs and bars scattered along the streets, the best way to find the most popular one is to stop at one of the bars and ask the bartender. If you leave a good tip he will become a world of information. Don’t worry about find one as there are pubs at the turning of every corner with an enticing atmosphere unique to its different styles of music. The nightclubs in Barcelona are well known for their live music exuded from up and coming new bands.

If you haven’t had time to eat, now is a good time to sample some tapas and have a couple of drinks to get the evening started. The best time to frequent the nightclubs is around two in the morning as the dance floor is starting to fill up. You can start earlier but all the action takes place at the earliest just past midnight: this is when the atmosphere is thick and ready for party time.

If you happen to be out in the early evening look for groups of young people handing out free passes to the clubs along with free drinks. This is a good way to save some money as drinks can be expensive: that’s why you need to start in one of the local bars with a few drinks before you hit the dance floor. Some of the clubs are located in the Port Olímpic area which can be more of a cheap side of night along with an odd bit of trouble.

If you have some time during the day Barcelona is rich in culture, history and a lifestyle which is outstanding in its own right. A good place to visit for history is the medieval centre of Barcelona or you could take in some of Gaudi’s numerous buildings he designed in a modernist style. The masterpiece of his works has to be the Sagrada Familia church under construction since 1882 and expected to reach completion in the next ten years. Even though unfinished this church is the most visited monument in all of Barcelona.

When you do venture out of your BARCELONA ACCOMMODATION for a night time of fun and frivolity, be ready for a varied, trendy and even spectacular night. If you are not a big club person try and visit at least one nightclub to say you have been there. If you prefer not to dance there’s always the lounge type clubs of which more and more are opening up. Whatever you decide to do Barcelona is all things to all people no matter their age or taste.

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