When you consider a BARCELONA HOLIDAY RENTALS you must know that Barcelona is only exceeded by Madrid in its culturally rich offerings. This special place is a hot spot for the tourist industry as there is just too much to see in one visit to this beautiful city. You will be mesmerized by the food, music and general attitude towards life in this town while you explore the museums and their beautiful works of arts. So whether you are basking in the sun or soaking up the culture of this magnificent city you will have an unforgettable time.

In the year 1992 Barcelona played host to the Olympic Games. A lot of people say that this is when Barcelona gained its popularity. The grand architectural achievement attained for the games only added to this city’s importance. These impressive structures were centred on Montjuic, the epicentre for the Olympic Games. The economic base for the city soon changed with the advent of the Olympic Games not to mention the world trade fair held here. All these occurrences only added to the overall development of this already beautiful city.

Shopping in Barcelona is second only to Madrid but only ever so slightly. In Barcelona you can find just about anything you could think of especially with several designer outlets and shopping malls along with small family owned modern boutiques. The food markets here are simply beyond belief as they are famous throughout the world, especially the Boqueria Market in the city centre that attracts millions of visitors each year. Barcelona is without a doubt the best place to spend your Euros on shopping even if it’s just for a little something for those unlucky friends you left behind.

If you would like to explore Barcelona then first pay a visit to the local tourist information centre, where you can pick up a pamphlet outlining all the most famous tourist attractions. Just make a list of what you would like to see and that way you won’t miss anything of interest. There are two places that you should put on your list being the Monument a Colom which is a monument to Christopher Columbus and IMAX which comprises the new part of Barcelona's night life showing many different types of films. When you are out and about venture over to Las Ramblas which is a pedestrianized zone and probably one of the most diverse streets in the world. As you walk along it is not unusual to see street entertainers acting or sketching a person while everyone watches in amazement.

When you decide on a BARCELONA HOLIDAY RENTALS you will soon know you have picked a place that will be both memorable and exciting at the same time. This modern city still retains its Spanish culture, tradition and cuisine which make it exceptional. Before you come to this magical city study it first so that you will not only understand it but you will welcome it with open arms so get on the internet and start researching this amazing place.

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