Are you going camping? Do you like to prepare the best bbq with your family or friends? Preparing a good barbecue at a campsite is an excellent option for those who enjoy good food. In this post we will talk about the camping barbecue models that exist in the market and we will also talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each model.

 Types of camping barbecues

There are many models of camping barbecues, in fact, we are going to talk about portable barbecues since it needs to be transported from one place to another. Portable barbecues are very easy to store and quite light, some models come with a case and others fold easily.

1. Camping charcoal barbecues

Charcoal camping barbecues are usually the most chosen along with gas barbecues, the only difference is that the flavor that the charcoal barbecue leaves on the food has nothing to do with how they are cooked on a gas barbecue. There are molds of all kinds and they are also the cheapest, in addition, portable molds usually come with a briefcase where the barbecue and utensils are stored.

 Advantages

• The food is cooked with a characteristic flavor.
• The coals are prepared more easily.
• They are easy to transport and maintain.
• Variety of models
• They are cheap.

 Disadvantages

• It takes time to prepare the coals.
• You need charcoal to cook.
• Debris and ash build up.
• Experience is needed to prepare this type of barbecue.
• A bag of charcoal must be transported.
• Maintenance requires more time.

2. Gas barbecues for camping

Many campsites do not allow barbecues with embers, so portable gas barbecues allow us to prepare a delicious barbecue. Gas barbecues are versatile, clean and effective. Some models of portable gas barbecue come with a lid and some even have a thermometer to control food. We have to say that gas barbecues are more expensive than charcoal barbecues.

 Advantages

• El fuego se regula con facilidad.
• Se calientan con facilidad y con rapidez.
• Esta barbacoa no genera humo.
• Si tiene tapa, lo puedes usar como horno.

 Disadvantages

• Good maintenance must be done.
• Gas refills must be transported.
• They are more expensive.

3.Electric camping barbecues

Electric camping barbecues provide us with all kinds of facilities, they are resistant and quite comfortable. They do not usually have a large size so they are perfect for transporting them, in addition, you will tape some models that come with a lid.

 Advantages

• They do not expel fumes.
• Compact and light barbecues.
• Easy to regulate temperature.
• They are easily maintained and cleaned.
• Economic.

 Disadvantages

• Electric current is needed to make them work.

4. Disposable camping barbecues

Disposable camping barbecues are quite convenient and can only be used once. The barbecue already comes with the charcoal inside so you can light it and that's it.

 Advantages

They are not cleaned.
• They are for single use.
• They come with everything ready.
• Compact and light.

 Disadvantages

• They are quite small.
• They usually last 2 hours maximum.

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