Banner stands are one of the most cost-effective communications mediums available for business that rely on signage to draw in customers. They are used in a wide variety of applications, from trade-shows and events to retail shops and restaurants. Whilst deploying banner signage is a way to build business, it is imperative the banner graphics be well-designed.

Many businesses do not have access to design services, however most banner stand manufactures offer free design services. This makes deciding on colours, style, message and graphics much easier. Even with this free service, it is good to know what to considerations go into designing a banner stand graphic so one will be able to provide the right input into the process.

The first thing to consider is the use of the banner. Whilst this may be obvious (get more business!) it will be helpful for the designer to understand in more detail how you'll deploy the banners. For example a retailer may want to pull in more street traffic, whilst a restaurant may want to promote different daily menu specials. The key is to be specific with one's business goals. If the banner doesn't align with the goals, it won't be as effective.

The next thing to discuss is where the banner will be placed. This is important in two respects. First, the design must obviously suit the placement; if being used to draw in shoppers from pedestrian traffic, the size of the graphic and text will be different than if the need is in-store and the banner will be viewed at a closer distance. The second issue is stability. Banner stands may be subject to some bumps from shoppers or used outdoor where there is wind will need a heavy base to stay upright.

Placement will affect the size of the banner too. While the graphic needs to be noticeable, it is important that the sign be appropriate for the space and not impede traffic or become a nuisance in the shop. Banners come in an almost unlimited number of sizes and many different shapes to suit the need.

One must also consider if the banner is going to be put up and taken down regularly, or need to have the banner itself updated with new text on a regular basis. Set-up for most systems is relatively simple, but some stands such as roll up banners can be put up in just seconds. While if a banner will be indoor and used more permanently, a simple X or L stand can be used.

Many systems have what are known as static or permanent graphics, meaning the banner cannot be changed. Whilst this may be appropriate for some situations, if one wants to change the message on a daily basis it is much more cost effective to buy only one stand that can accommodate different graphics.

The graphics are the next thing to determine. This is where the experience of a good banner designer is important. These professionals can take one's current design and look and translate it easily into a banner design. The materials used in today's banners can support any colours or graphics. A good designer will provide a design that is bold and noticeable without being garish.

So if considering utilizing banners for one's business, be sure to choose a manufacturer that provides design services. Even if one is planning to tackle the design one's self, using a supplier with design resources will help ensure the banner benefits from their experience and knowledge.

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